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Five 10-Shell Cooks
Five 10-Shell Cooks.png
Two of the Five 10-Shell Cooks.
Japanese 十貝五人衆 (とおかいごにんしゅう)
Romanized Jūkaigoninshū (Tōkaigoninshū)
English Five 10-Shell Cooks
Base of Operations Blue Grill
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 329
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The Five 10-Shell Cooks are the top chefs of Blue Grill and the only chefs with restaurants holding the rank of 10-Shell, making them all master chefs. They are acknowledged as the heroes of their country and have something akin to a celebrity status much like the Top 100 Chefs of the Human World.[1]

Like several of the inhabitants of Blue Grill, the Five 10-Shell Cooks wear strange and exotic masks which conceal their true appearances, as they are actually Food Spirits possessing the bodies of other living beings, having apparently been doing so for hundreds of years. The identity of their current hosts are unknown.

Powers and Abilities[]

All five members of the 10-Shell Cooks posses extraordinary cooking skills likely rivaling those of the Top 100 Chefs in the Human World. As they are Food Spirits, they have no corporeal form and as such they cannot be seen or interacted with by ordinary mortals. Like many Food Spirits, they can freely posses weak living beings and take complete control of their bodies as their own; an ability which they have been exploiting for countless centuries. However, with the destruction of the Food Sprit Doors, they no longer able to possess new bodies.


Five 10-Shell Cooks
Condor Window MS.png Picnic Bomber MS.png Kakino Kish MS.png Asarudy MS.png Maymay MS.png
Condor Window Picnic Bomber Kakino Kish Asarudy Maymay


Each of the Cooks are the heads of their own restaurants which are ranked as the highest in all of Blue Grill and each specializes in a unique style of cuisine.

  • Blue Inn
    • Owner: Condor Window
    • Specialization: Deep Seaweed Cuisine
  • Tower of Coral
    • Owner: Picnic Bomber
    • Specialization: Old Tide Specialty Restaurant
  • Ice Shock
    • Owner: Kakino Kish
    • Specialization: Water Pressure Texture Cuisine
  • Silk Marine
    • Owner: Asarudy
    • Specialization: Deep Sea Silk Sashimi Cuisine
  • Turtle Village
    • Owner: Maymay
    • Specialization: Sea Hot Pot Cooking Shop



The Five 10-Shell Cooks had become aware of the arrival of the Human World chefs that had entered Blue Grill, but believed that they would not be strong enough to survive in the world of souls.[2] However after witnessing Chiyo and the other chefs' skills, they decided to challenge them directly and had Mari set up a match between them in Grill Stadium to see if they were truly as skilled as they claimed and if they could survive in the Back Channel.[3]


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