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Flavor Sages
Taste Hermits.png
Japanese 味仙人
Romanized Aji Sennin
English Flavor Sages
Aliases Taste Hermits
Affiliation Gourmet Nobles (formerly)
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 271
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The Flavor Sages (味仙人 Aji Sennin) are a group of chefs consisting of three Nitros. Each Nitro is entitled with a Chef rank, however unlike the IGO chef rankings, the ranks given to them take the name from the three elements which are commonly used as medallic awards, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These Nitro are known to be very knowledgeable chefs whom spent endless days researching food and how to cook them. For countless centuries they have documented their culinary discoveries on stone tablets in the form of hieroglyphics to ensure that their recipes would endure the test of time in case they should be forced to go into cryptobiosis. Many of their recipes are located in ancient societies, such as the Gourmet Pyramid and Area 7's Kingdom of Hope.

The Flavor Sages[]

Flavor Sages
ChichiMS.png KakaMS.png JijiMS.png
Bronze Chef Chichi Silver Chef Kaka Gold Chef

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