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Japanese フライシャーク
Romanized Furai Shāku
English Fly Shark
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Type Fish Beast
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Length 25m
Height 6m
Weight 60t
Price Unknown
Habitat Area 4, Three Way Road (Gourmet World)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 152
Anime Episode 77
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The Fly Shark (フライシャーク Furai Shāku) is a winged fish beast from the Gourmet World region of Area 4. It appears to fly in large flocks making them quite dangerous.


It is a large shark-like beast resembling a Great White with two pairs of wings on its torso and tail. It also has three dorsal fins and six short stubby legs.

In the anime it resembles a Sawshark instead and has a very erect pose when flying, similar to that of a fighter jet. They also have notably large eyes when compared to their manga counterparts.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fly Sharks are fast and skilled flyers and can swoop down and attack prey swiftly with skillful dive-bombs. Since they fly together in flocks, they fight together as well, making them very dangerous in numbers. Its sharp teeth and large size also endows it with great strength. It also has great endurance, having been able to take a direct blow from one of Sunny's attacks and brush it off quickly. However the species is not nearly as strong as other Gourmet World beasts, many having been easily driven out of their environment.

Since they are shown as Sawsharks in the anime, it is presumed they can use their nasal appendage as a deadly cutting tool as well.

As FoodEdit


Guemon eating Fly Shark soup.

The meat of the Fly Shark can be made into a very thick and rich soup. Guemon found the soup to be particularly delicious.


Shining Gourami ArcEdit

Sunny and Guemon encounter many of them on the Three Way Road. Even though it is the first time Guemon has seen one, he cuts them down easily. It is implied the pair later used them to cook shark-fin soup.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The anime greatly altered the design of the Fly Shark by giving it the appearance of a Sawshark instead of that of a Great White. They also changed their wings/fins somewhat to a shorter and flatter shape, making them resemble jet plane wings. Also their six stubby legs are removed. Also in the manga it is never shown if Sunny and Guemon had the chance to actually make the Fly Sharks into soup.



  • The Fly Shark was created by Tsubasa Koike from Kanagawa prefecture.

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