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Japanese フライヤダック, Furaiyadakku
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Type Bird
Capture Level 15
Length Estimated: 5.1m
Height Estimated: 4.5m
Habitat Near Toriko's Sweet House
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 55
Anime Episode 18
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The Flyer Duck (フライヤダック, Furaiyadakku) is a large duck beast that soars through the skies and is known for its ferocity.



A Flyer Duck in comparison to Toriko.

It is a large bird beast standing at about an estimated 4.5 meters in height. It has brightly colored red feathers over most of its body and wings, and its face, chest and upper wings have dull beige-colored feathers. Its beak has a rather odd rectangular-shape with a bump near the top of the beak in-between the eyes. It has pink legs and a large feathery tail.

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It is a moderately fast flyer that mainly attacks by swooping down and dive bombing its enemies with its beak. It is not particularly durable as a strike from Toriko's 3-Hit Nail Punch was enough to defeat it.[1]

As FoodEdit

BBQ bird cooked

Flyer Duck over a fire.

Every part of the Flyer Duck's body is edible including its bones, which when boiled to a crisp can be eaten as a crunchy after meal snack. Its meat has the plain, simple taste of poultry but its fat tastes like high-class wagyu beef and has a sweetness similar to that of Brand Pig meat. Its bones have a crunchy consistency like potato chips and a firm texture like bird cartilage and the bones also give off a rich essence that is similar to chicken, bouillon and consomme.[2]


BB Corn ArcEdit


Toriko and the Flyer Duck face off.

Toriko first encountered this beast while venturing around the region near his house, where he easily defeated it and prepared it on a spit over a warm fire and then enjoyed the full flavor of its meat. After eating all its meat, he boiled its edible bones to a crisp and ate them as an after meal snack which left him greatly pleased.[3]

In the anime, Toriko later caught another one and gave it to Tom as an apology for his lack of deliveries recently.[4]

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

Flyer Duck

Flyer Duck in the manga.

In the manga this beast was first shown already killed and cooked by Toriko and was never shown alive, its name was also not mentioned. The anime on the other hand showed Toriko's fight with it and gave it the name Flyer Duck, however whether this name is canon to the manga is not certain. Its upper bill in the manga also has a more hooked shape than in the anime. Also in the anime, Toriko gave a Flyer Duck to Tom while in the manga he originally gave him a Star Loach.


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