Mushroom  Flying Nimbutt  Sushi
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese キントウンコ
Romanized Kintounko
English Flying Nimbutt
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Excrement/Transport
Capture Level 1,500
Location Area 7 (Produced by Ballboons)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 319
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The Flying Nimbutt (キントウンコ Kintounko) is a type of giant, cloud-like feces produced by Ballboons. This unique type of excrement possesses aerial abilities that allow it to float and move about in midair at great speeds regardless of its size or passengers.


The Flying Nimbutt is a large gaseous feces that is solid enough for living beings and objects to ride on it but light enough to sustain the weight of giant objects and travel long distances while in midair upon being 'released' with no difficulty. When fully released, it resembles a swirly piece of poo.


The Flying Nimbutt can be used as fast way to travel long distances in a manner of minutes and it appears to move in whatever direction the rider desires. Its ability to travel through the air makes it a very safe mode of transport capable of avoiding dangerous land hazards. However the stench might be quite off-putting to passengers. It is also classified as a Safety Monster, which means it produces its own Rest Room.


PAIR ArcEdit

After PAIR was finally acquired by the Four Heavenly Kings, many of their monkey allies appeared on 100G Mountain to congratulate them. The Kings and the monkeys then saw a large gaseous cloud forming around them. After Komatsu scanned it using the Riddle Chapter, he and Sunny were both shocked and disgusted to discover that the cloud was in fact a Flying Nimbutt produced by Bambina. They then reluctantly used the Flying Nimbutt to descend back down the mountain and headed for the Birth Cry Tree where they were happily greeted by a gigantic crowd of now happy and free monkeys.


Flying Nimbutt Submission

Flying Nimbutt Submission

Flying Nimbutt's data

Flying Nimbutt's data

  • The Flying Nimbutt is based on the Flying Nimbus from the Dragon Ball franchise.
    • Both its english and japanese names are even a reference to it, with the japanese name being a combination of the words "unko" (poop) and "Kinto'un" (the japanese name of the Flying Nimbus).
  • Both the Flying Nimbutt and the Flying Nimbus are based on the cloud used by Sun Wukong in the classic Chinese novel, Journey to the West, which could help him travel long distances with ease.
  • It was created by Kiyohisa Kurita of Tokyo.

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