Food Honor
Shokurin entrance
Shokurin Temple, a temple dedicated to the art of Food Honor.
Japanese 食義
Romanized Shokugi
English Honoring the Food
Alias Food Honor
Related Food Meditation;
Food Immersion;
Food Pressure
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 180
Anime Episode 103
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Food Honor (Honoring the Food in the english dub), also known as Food Etiquette is both a customary and a philosophical practice of etiquette that teaches gratitude for ingredients and a strict method of eating in especially difficult, but necessary ways in order to bring out the true flavor and potential of certain ingredients.


Food Honor is extremely important in the world of Toriko, and is taught to students even at elementary school level. The teachings of Food Honor tends to vary between adhering groups, but the main teaching of gratitude and careful eating is a staple among st all of them. The Gourmet Knights is an order of noble men who follow a very strict version of Food Etiquette not just as a daily practice, but as their religion, as well. They only consume simple Ingredients and do not use or eat anything that is not natural. The people of Eco Land also follow a unique form of food etiquette in which they refrain from using technology that relies on unnatural sources, and instead rely on animals that have the ability to supply them with all their daily needs such as electricity, water and gas, at the same time while living in harmony with these creatures. The residents of Lost Forest are a culture that also follows Food Honor as a way of life and as a necessity, as almost all their ingredients and the forest they reside in requires that its people follow this way in order to be able to eat the specially prepared ingredients without spoiling them, and traverse the illusionary forest without getting lost.

Even those who do not follow food etiquette still adhere to a form of it in order to eat Specially and Super-Specially Cooked Ingredients, which requires extremely precise and intricate handling in order to be eaten.

Food Honor that is taught in Chowlin Temple is different from other forms due to the fact that it takes the "mental" concept of Food Honor and makes use of it in "technical" ways. The most basic mental concept of Food Honor is to continuously show appreciation for ingredients, everything in Food Honor is built off of this concept. The most basic technical application of Food Honor is pressing your hands together and to bow. The technical application has some consistent effects on the practitioners. The calorie consumption, delicacy, speed, and amount of useless movements are greatly affected; everything else is dependent on the individual. Chowlin Temple has a three level training system for Food Honor; Basic, Mid-Class, and Top-Class. The secret technique of Food Honor is Food Immersion, where the depth of food appreciation is on a completely different level.

Food Honor training begins with Zen Food Meditation (食禅 Shoku Zen), which is an exercise in preparing a person's heart to give thanks towards food. First you calm the heart, then you focus you ears on the palpitations of your own life. The goal of this training is different from real world zen meditation, in which one aims to be "unselfish" or in a state of wanting "nothing". In "Food Honor" this falls under the category of worldly thoughts. Expressing "gratitude" is the foundation of Food Honor. Anything other then "gratitude" will diminish or upset the practitioners' Food Honor. "Torchorsetail" are a horsetail plant that burns like a torch which Master Chin developed for use in Food Honor training. When it senses worldly thoughts besides that of gratitude, the flame immediately extinguishes. The larger the number of torches, the more they can sense worldly thoughts. The practitioner will begin with one torchorsetail and thirty minutes of food meditation. The greater the Food Honor the more torchorsetails and longer time the practitioner will be able to accomplish. Another training is teaching the proper posture of food honor (bowing), using Gratitude Cactus, where it will rapidly spine darts at disciples if they are not making the exact pose.

While learning Food Honor the body will begin to auto-correct its movements, removing all actions deemed unnecessary and increases concentration. This allows more efficient use of calories, granting greater stamina, speed, and power though the practitioner may not be immediately aware of the changes. Food Honor affects different people in different ways, for Gourmet Hunters, it increases their overall power and calorie consumption. For Chefs, it increases the delicacy in their movements, and it allows a Chef to prepare Ingredients so carefully, that the ingredients are unaware that they have been handled.

To handle an ingredient as delicate as the Bubble Fruit, one needs to at least master Top-Class Food Honor as the minimum requirement. Toriko and Komatsu Food Honor training was the top class course.

While Food Honor grants people incredible focus on gratitude and not other emotions, this is not absolute. As those who master it express emotion like the assistant masters and Toriko expressing anger after seeing Master Chin hurt. Even the best aren't immune to this as Chin was defeated when he heard the reason why Chiyo defected and Chiyo's Food Honor faltered during her fight against Toriko.




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