Food Immersion
Toriko Food Immersion 1
Japanese 食没
Romanized Shokubotsu
English Food's End
Alias Food Immersion
Related Food Honor
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 186
Anime Episode 108
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Food Immersion (Food's End in the english versions) is the secret technique of Food Honor. Described by Shokurin Temple's master Chin, Food Immersion is when one respects and appreciates the food they have eaten even after it enters the body and becomes part of their flesh and blood. The ingredients absorbed by the body are thankful themselves for being eaten and they pour all the nutrients they have into one's body almost limitlessly. It also makes the user gain an increment in his weight without necessarily getting fat, as seen with Chin Chinchin who weighs a ton with the technique. In the teachings of Food Honor, it is described as immersing one's self into a meal. Only those that heighten their appreciation towards food to the utmost limit can attain Food Immersion.

A known way to learn Food Immersion is by finding the real Bubble Fruits that reside on Bubble Way, and they will only reveal themselves when the user reaches thankfulness for food to highest possible caliber, as shown with Toriko. For Toriko he didn't reach full apreciation until he was seconds away from death. The Bubble Fruits sensed his gratitude even close to death and finally appeared. This was the case for Toriko, but Aimaru was able to get the Bubble Fruits much quicker and wasn't near death when they apppeared.  

It also seems as if there are other ways to obtain Food Immersion as evidenced by the fact that Coco, Sunny and Zebra, without going to the Shokurin Temple, also possess it.

It seems that the power the user acquires with this technique is so high that the Gourmet Corp. considers it a threat, with the organization having sent Chiyo to destroy the main branch of Shokurin Temple.

Food Immersion is the epitome of Food Honor, once mastered a person should be able to last without food for incredibly long periods and fight at their top potential. This is due to a controlled calorie consumption, and an incredible amount of calories to work with.



Toriko food immersion
Toriko immerses into food for the first time
New style
Toriko's new appearance with food immersion
Toriko body immersion
Toriko's Food Immersion full body view



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