Food Immersion Cape
Food Immersion Cape
Japanese 食没の岬
Romanized Shokubotsu no Misaki
Location Gourmet World
Affiliation Ichiryu, Jiro, Midora
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 172 (mentioned)
Gourmet 269 (debut)
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The Food Immersion Cape (食没の岬 Shokubotsu no Misaki) is a headland that dried up a long time ago, located in Gourmet World. It is a nostalgic place where the three disciples of Acacia used to train together in their youth. It now holds the gravestone of Ichiryu and Jiro.[1]


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

When Ichiryu visited Midora in the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World HQ, he invited his younger brother to a delicious feast he had prepared on the Food Immersion Cape with hopes of reasoning with him to stop his evil efforts. However, the invitation proved unsuccessful as the cold-hearted Midora showed no interest in mending the broken bonds with his brother.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

After Ichiryu is struck to death by a Blue Nitro, Midora decides to bring his corpse to a place where his deceased brother held dear memories of, being this location the Food Immersion Cape as revealed afterwards.

Billion Bird ArcEdit

Jiro and Setsuno arrived on this cape just to discover Food Immersion Flowers and a Million Tree growing on this dried land, something that Jiro suspects of Midora who used Ichiryu's technique to make the plants grow, with the latter one in place of a gravestone.

GOD ArcEdit

Jiro was buried next to his older brother, but Midora was buried elsewhere.[1]


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