Food Line
Food Line
Japanese フードライン
Romanized Fūdo Rain
English Food Line
Location Human World
Affiliation Smile
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 100
Anime Episode 41
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Food Line (フードライン Fūdo Rain) is a town famous for its big name architects and gourmet designers who are responsible for some of the most notable architectural marvels of the Gourmet Age. Countless gourmet-specialized creators turn up in this town in large droves, making the town the best place for young architects to find their calling. Food Line is also where the top-class and world-renowned gourmet architect Smile has his office.


Great gourmet undertakings like the construction and interior designing of restaurants, supermarkets and etc all begin in this city, as well as important public works such as the construction and management of gourmet hospitals and gourmet libraries of a country or an IGO facility. From this city is where all important projects such as these begin and are overseen by the most skilled of architects.


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