Komatsu food luck

Komatsu's Food Luck

Food Luck (食運 Shoku-un, Gourmet Luck in the English manga) is the belief of the fortune one can have with ingredients and their daily lives, such as the chances of finding rare ingredients, surviving against nature, or the luck one can have succeeding at a food related event.

In some cases Food Luck permits the person to find rare ingredients before even superhumans with superior tracking abilities. An example being when Komatsu found the location of ingredients like the Century Soup, Ozone Herb, Mellow Cola, Shining Gourami and Madam Fish before the Four Heavenly Kings' superhuman senses.

It also makes an ingredient feel attracted to the user, making it easier to capture it, as shown in Vegetable Sky when the Ozone Herb only opened itself up for Komatsu and in the anime when the Infini Bee revealed itself to Komatsu.

Zongeh has also showed signs of great Food Luck, having survived countless dangers and finding his way into places of great fortune, such as Gourmet Town and Life.

According to Starjun, Food Luck is indispensable for obtaining GOD.

Food Luck is also shown to be valuable tool for survival, especially in the Gourmet World, as shown when Toriko and Komatsu managed to stumble on to the relatively safe Gourmet Highway.

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