Food Meditation
Japanese 食禅
Romanized Shoku Zen
English Food Meditation
Class Mental/Spiritual Exercise
Related Food Honor
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 180
Anime Episode 103
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Food Meditation is a special form of meditative exercise practiced at Shokurin Temple to perfect one's Food Honor. The purpose of Food Meditation is to prepare one's heart to give thanks towards food.


Food Meditation's goal is to achieve the ultimate state of "unselfishness", to put it another way, it is the state of wanting "nothing", or to be more precise, the abandonment of worldly desires, such as material objects and feelings of greed, wanting, desire and longing. Achieving an emotional state of "unselfishness" differs from trying to achieve absolute "selflessness", as selflessness is itself a feeling one wishes to obtain and thus it falls under the category of worldly thoughts in Food Honor and would hinder one's process to understand the meaning of truly desiring nothing and achieving true unselfishness, which is essential to truly understanding the meaning of "gratitude", for if one desires something and gives it gratitude for fulfilling their desires then it is not truly "gratitude", but if one abandons all desires they can truly understand the importance of that which they receive and thus are able to give true and wholehearted gratitude without any intentions of wanting or expecting something in return. These principles of expressing "gratitude" are the very foundation of Food Honor.


To begin Food Meditation, one must first calm their own heart and then focus their ears on the palpitations of their own life. During Food Meditation, Shokurin Temple practitioners use Torchorsetails, a special plant created by Master Chin Chinchin that can sense worldly thoughts besides those of gratitude, and if the flame senses any feelings other than gratitude it will go out. The larger the number of torches, the more they can sense worldly thoughts. Through this method, practitioners can become aware of what emotions and feelings they should disregard that fail to represent the meaning of gratitude. Once a practitioner is capable of keeping the flames lit for an incredibly extended amount of time, they have learned to discard the emotions that inspired selfishness and have thus learned the most important aspect of Food Honor, "Gratitude". An added affect of this training is that it increases the inner focus of users as well as heightening certain senses that can help to understand their surroundings.


  • Food Meditation is based on the practice of Zen Meditation.


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