Food Region Forest
Food Region Forest
Japanese 食域の森
Romanized Shoku-iki no Mori
English Food Region Forest
Aliases Sector D
Location Area 5
Affiliation NEWS
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 246
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The Food Region Forest (食域の森 Shoku-iki no Mori) is Sector D of Gourmet World and is located on the back of its guardian, Deer King.[1] Acacia's meat dish NEWS can be captured here.


It is a vast and mysterious forest with trees that have an odd appearance that make them appear as though they have no surface. Because the bottoms and tops of these trees (and the forest itself) look exactly the same, the forest itself is given a rather illusory quality. However it appears that the surface of this forest is ordinary land with bushes covering and obscuring most of the surface.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Goblin Ramon and Megarodras of the 0th Biotope are assigned to capture NEWS within the Food Region Forest, but their task is interrupted by Alfaro of the Gourmet Corp. and his team of Red Nitro.[2] The result of their fight is unknown; however, Alfaro returns unscathed but without NEWS.[3]


When the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies arrive in Area 6, they are divided into teams to seek out each of Acacia's ingredients at a faster rate. Zebra and Brunch are teamed up by Jiji to seek out and capture NEWS in Area 5.[4]


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