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RiceBall  Four-Winged Bird  Manga meat
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English Unknown
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Type Bird
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Landsea (Area 2)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 264
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Four-Winged Birds are small harmless birds with four wings that reside in the Landsea of Gourmet World.


They are small stout-bodied birds that have short, slender bills, tiny legs, neat little tail feathers, and small round eyes. Their most notable trait is their four wings which allows them to fly with ease.


They seem to be relatively harmless creatures and will willingly approach other lifeforms that mean them no harm even if they are strong, such as Toriko. They also seem to be quite curious, as noted by their curious observation of a piece of Gumdrop that fell from the sky.


Billion Bird ArcEdit

A few of these birds landed on Toriko's resting spot after seeing some candy fall next to him. After he awoke, Toriko quickly glanced at the birds' candy and took it from them after realizing it was gummy. The birds soon fled as candies and mountains started falling from the sky.

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