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Four Beast
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese 四獣 (しじゅう)
Romanized Shijū
Aliases Death Beast
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Type Unique Mixed Breed
Capture Level 300→310→320→350+
Length Unknown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Diet Humans
Habitat Gourmet World (created by the Blue Nitro)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 198
Anime Episode 117
Game Toriko: Ultimate Survival
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The Four Beast (四獣 Shijū) is a monstrous beast with a Capture Level of 350 (although its capture level can increase over time) that invades the Human World once every few centuries to collect humans for its creators, the Blue Nitro, by seemingly devouring them.[1]


The reason for its name is that it can grow four beasts in its limbs every few hundred years, to invade the Human World, with capture levels above 100 at the same time.


For Beast size

The scale of the Four Beast.

The Four Beast is a gigantic, plant-like, mixed breed creature that resembles a bulb, with many protruding root like appendages that can stretch for miles in all directions. It has a face with sunken in black holes where eyes should be and a large grinning mouth with numerous teeth like protrusions. It is shown to have multiple faces throughout its root structure.[2]

The Four Beast is so massive that its main body is easily bigger than skyscrapers and is almost as big as Gourmet Town (excluding its roots which can stretch for miles).

Upon reabsorbing its "limbs" the Four Beast bulks up with a humanoid appearance. It becomes heavily muscled with smooth skin, veins popping out all across its body and the multiple root-like limbs it had before are reduced to only two strong arms with human-like fingers. However, it can still regrow thick tentacle like roots that sprout large bulbous eyes.

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The Four Beast seems to have an imbalanced diet and a taste for human flesh, and thus, once every few hundred years, it enters the Human World, whether or not the population has increased, and consumes as many humans as it can find while its "limbs" wreck havoc. It is stated that a single one of its "limbs" would be enough to wipe out all of humanity in the Human World. It has a huge appetite, as it is said that even if it were to absorb hundreds of millions of humans with its "limbs", it would still just be a small amount and not enough to satisfy its hunger.

As FoodEdit


According to Ichiryu, it is a Special Preparation Ingredient. The beast has a special ability which allows it to take damage and to make it flow through its body from the inside to the out. However, in the process of doing so, it creates a special kind of amino acid that amplifies the flavor of its meat, making it more mature every time it does so. In other words, the more damage it takes the more delicious it becomes. Its meat is a true Gourmet World-level dish of absolutely divine flavor. Its meat is reddish, soft and chewy and can be eaten like doughy dumplings and its shines like a gem. It can even be eaten raw.[3]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Four Beast limb

The beast creating process of the Four Beast as it creates new "limbs" to act out its will.

The Four Beast has the ability to grow multiple Capture level 100+ beasts inside of its body like bulbs. Once every few hundred years, when the beasts are ready, the main body sends them to the human world to capture humans. After they are finished it calls its' limbs back to absorb the energy of the eaten humans.

The Four Beast seems to be very intelligent and to possess a strong memory, as it remembered that the last time it sent its limbs into the Human World they came back heavily wounded from battle with Ichiryu, and altered its plans to compensate. It can also remember things from before it was knocked or killed, (since its always been revived according to Ichiryu) such as previous battles against the Battle WolfEmperor Crow, and an adult Mother Snake. All of the Four Beast's "limbs" have incredible power and are shown to be able to brush off or evade military-grade weaponry, including a barrage of satellite lasers able to demolish 10 million square kilometers of land. In the process of entering the Human World, they completely demolished a number of extremely dangerous natural environments such as Ice Hell, Wul Jungle, Baron Archipelago, Gourmet Pyramid, the Sandy Beach in the Cave, and Biotopes 1 and 8 with relative ease. Another shown of intelligence is that it was able to counter the abilities of the Four Heavenly Kings, by learning about those abilites from the limbs which had fought them before.

The Four Beast's root-like Main Body (本体 Hontai) is incredibly strong, being able to destroy several skyscrapers with one swipe of its tentacles. It is also able to grow a large amount of tentacles from any point on its body to grapple, pierce or beat enemies, and can regenerate damage its body has take relatively quickly. The Four Beast can even grow other organs (such as eyes) on these tentacles.

Four Beast bulking up

Four Beasts after reabsorbing its limbs.

After achieving full power by reabsorbing its limbs, the main body bulks up significantly and demonstrates a number of abilities. It can release toxic cloud from it's mouth which can cover the area above the Central Human World quickly. The cloud releases Green Rain, also known as 'Illness Rain,' which is toxic to the human body and upon contact can kill it within the hour. It also is able to release a cloud of adhesive particles, which is able to restrain the movement of Sunny's "touches". Furthermore, it can also shoot a barrage of solid projectiles out of its mouth.

Four Beast releasing Green Rain2

Four Beast creating Green Rain.

The Four Beast also has incredible control over its body and is capable of transferring the force of impact to any other point on it or anything its in contact with, such as when it prevented Zebra's Beat Punch from hurting it by sending it out its back or channeling Sunny's attack into Quinn. It also has incredible strength, being measured with a capture level of 350 (its level is still getting bigger with time) which allows it to easily overpower the Four Heavenly Kings.

It has a lot of experience, having been around since ancient times, and in the past faced a fully grown Emperor Crow, Mother Snake, and Battle Wolf (all infamous and powerful Gourmet World beasts) thousands of times and somehow surviving the encounters.

The Four Beast's LimbsEdit

Four Beasts
GaohPort InvaitdeathPort KingOctopusKongPort MounturtlePort
Gaoh Invite Death King Octopus Kong Mount Turtle



Four Beast facing Battle Wolf in the past

The Four Beast battling an ancient Battle Wolf countless centuries ago.


The ancient Four Beast attacking the cities.

It is a fearsome beast that originated from the Gourmet World and whose presence has been around since ancient times, even having fought ancient beasts of epic proportions. The beast is revealed to be a creation of the Nitro during ancient times. Once every few centuries it "awakens" and enters the Human World using four powerful beasts that it grows from its own limbs. It's purpose during its awakening is to collect humans for the Nitro species, allowing the Nitro to experiment on the captured humans. During the ancient times before even Acacia's Disciples battled the Four Beast, the Eight Kings of Gourmet World battled against the Four Beast in order to maintain the delicate balance of the world. Due to the mass destruction as well as the endangering of humans, the Eight Kings took it upon themselves to prevent the Four Beast's attack as well as stop the Nitro's constant kidnapping of humans and due to these events, the Four Beast itself gained sufficient knowledge of the different strengths of the Eight Kings. 


The Four Beasts being defeated by Ichiryu and Jiro many centuries ago.

However, despite the efforts of the Eight Kings, the monster lives on. It is said that the last time it and its "limbs" appeared was more than 200 years ago, having been once again controlled by the Nitro race at the time to collect a large amount of humans to continue their experiments on humans and Gourmet Cells unbeknownst to everyone, but Ichiryu, the future President of the IGO, drove the limbs back to Gourmet World, leaving them with serious wounds and with few humans consumed. His brother, the "Knocking Master" Jiro, used his powerful Knocking techniques to seal away the Four Beast's main body to keep it from ever attacking the Human World again.

In recent times, the Four Beast had been revived from its sealed state by the Master Saiseiya Mohyan Shaishai and was being monitored by the "Dark Chef" Joie, and once more it planned to invade the Human World and consume all the humans it could with its new set of beasts. While Ichiryu is in the Gourmet World, the Four Heavenly Kings are given their final task as their final ingredients on Ichiryu's List: to defeat each of the "limbs" and its controller.[4][1] However, it devised a new strategy after it was defeated by Ichiryu last time. It instead goes to the center of the Human World and uses its "limbs" to invade the Human World from the outside, so it could drive all the humans to the center of Human World and eat all of them at once.[5]

Four Beast ArcEdit

The Four Beast's puppets come from each of the cardinal directions: Invite Death from the North, swimming down Death Falls; Mount Turtle from the South, destroying the continent of Ice Hell on the way; King Octopus Kong from the West, annihilating Wul Jungle and the Gourmet Pyramid; and Gaoh from the East, crushing the Baron Archipelago, the Sandy Beach in the Cave, the 8th and 1st Biotopes, in which it kills a 1500 meter Regal Mammoth. The Four Beast's limbs encounter resistance in the form of the full force of the Allied Army Forces, using the most advanced human technology. However, the beasts easily defeat the human forces without slowing down. They only stop their progress when the Four Heavenly Kings, with their Animal Partners, appear in their path. Invite Death encounters Coco and Kiss, Mount Turtle faces Zebra and the Dharma Horse, King Octopus Kong faces Sunny and Quinn, and Gaoh faces Toriko and Terry Cloth.

Four Beast hungry

The extensions of the Four Beast underground, as it lusts over its abundant meal.

After the Four Beast arrives underground in the center of the Human World, it extracts its "limbs" that were defeated by the Four Heavenly Kings to replenish its energy. The Four Beast surfaces above ground, towering over the standing crowds of shocked people. The Four Beast starts its rampage in the city and gorges on humans, until it senses the Intimidations of the Four Heavenly Kings behind it and swipes out several skyscrapers, that are protected by Teppei's "Protect Tree," realizing nothing is behind it. Its limbs reach the center of the Human World and begin absorbing through the roots and bulks up. It releases a large green cloud, that pours down "Green Rain" that could kill the Humans within one hour. It stands in front of the Four Heavenly Kings who have arrived.

Curiosity for a taste

The Four Beast triumphantly looms over the wounded Kings.

The four attempt to assault it individually as its poisonous cloud rapidly fills the sky, apparently spreading to every corner of the city and beyond. Despite their best efforts, they are beaten back quite easily by the monster who quickly adapts to each of their techniques, shrugging off each attack and striking back at them with even greater force. During the battle, Rin is able to get close enough to the Four Beast undetected to get a reading of its capture level, which reveals its monstrous growth. Later on, after Komatsu finishes creating a method to simplify the preparation of the Purple Mochi so as to cure all those infected by the Green Rain, the Four Beast is shown hollering in victory as the Four Heavenly Kings lay defeated.

Four Beast as dinner

The Four Heavenly Kings uniting into the ultimate predators.

As it sees them recovering, it tries to attack, but Zebra manages to dodge it with his Jet Voice. When it begins its second assault, Terry, Kiss, and Quinn protect the Four Heavenly Kings, while they prepare their ultimate combo technique, the Ou Shoku Bansan, which was taught to them by Ichiryu when they were younger. As the Four Beast is battling its new opponents, it remembers fighting their ancestors in the past and quickly defeats them, knowing that they have dangerous potential. As it is about to rip Quinn in half, it senses the Four Heavenly Kings' new attack and tries to finish them off, but it is too late and can only look on in horror as their power easily overwhelms it with fear.
End of Four Beast

The end of the Four Beast.

All the Appetite Energy they held is released in that single attack, which takes the form of a fanged orb of energy, quickly devouring the powerless Four Beast and leaving not a single shred or remain of the beast behind, even its fearsome Green Rain fades with it. All its meat remains within the pure orb of energy created by the Four Heavenly Kings' appetite.
World enjoys the meat

The world rejoices and partakes of the blessing of food.

They soon notice a smaller orb next to it, which Coco and Zebra discover contains the human victims that were swallowed alive by the Four Beast, much to everyone's excitement. The orb soon pops, releasing thousands of humans who are all safely caught by Sunny's Hairnet. Just then, the orb containing the Four Beast's meat falls to the ground and releases its sparkling meat everywhere. The Four Heavenly Kings and the IGO gather all the rich meat and prepar a great feast within the city, where they freely distribut the Four Beast's meat to all the millions of humans there and the rest of the Human World population worldwide. Everyone rejoices over the wondrous blessing of food. Ironically, in the end, the creature that had been trying to eat all of humanity for so long is eaten by humanity itself (and their pets).

Three days later humanity continues to celebrate their survival, but elsewhere a conversation between Teppei and his fellow Saiseiya Pukin indicates that the Four Beast was a revived beast and that only her master, Mohyan Shaishai, the greatest saiseiya in the world, could revive.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

The beast is mentioned on Midora's memories of his childhood, where Pair told Acacia that the Four Beast would become active and that the Gourmet Eclipse would occur. Curiously, the beast would be controlled by someone else like it has always happened, in this case the Nitro planned in using it to kidnap a large number of humans. It was then revealed by Kaitora, that the one who revived it was Mohyan Shaishai when he was questioned by Yosaku.

AIR ArcEdit

After the successful capture of AIR and with the Heavenly Kings showing forms of control with their Appetite Demons, the Daruma Hermit tells the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu about the history of the Nitro and the Four Beast. He revealed the true purpose of the Four Beast and the possible intentions which the Nitro were planning with the captured humans. Due to the information, it is revealed that not only was the Four Beast a controlled monster by the Nitro, it was also created by the Nitro and given a sole purpose despite its seemingly independent nature. 

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet BattleEdit

The Four Beast and its limbs appear in Toriko: Gourmet Battle as enemy beasts and collectible cards in the game. Its card's statistics classify it as a "Power" class beast.

Toriko: Ultimate SurvivalEdit

The Four Beast appears in the PSP game Toriko: Ultimate Survival as one the many enemy beasts living on Four Seasons Island.


  • All the beasts created by the Four Beast are designed by Japanese fans from different prefectures.
  • The Four Beast's story is used as a "demon coming for a meal" story to frighten children, much like the tales of the Boogeyman.[4]
  • Its name is plausibly a pun on the fact that in Japanese, Shi can mean both Four and Death, which means that its name can also be translated as "Death Beast".
  • Yellow rain, similar to the Four Beast's "Green rain" was a suspected chemical agent that may have been used in the Vietnam war.
  • So far, the emergence of this beast is orchestrated by someone else, since it's always mentioned that it is a controlled creature. On its first known appearance it was used by the Nitro to kidnap humans, and on the recent events it was manipulated by Joie for unknown purposes.
  • Four Beast's roar was the same of Rodan from Godzilla series.
  • The Four Beast may be a reference to Daniel 7.
  • The Four Beast's ability to transfer force out of it's body is similar to the principle of Enbu, which was pointed out by Coco.
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Daniel's Vision of the Four Beasts


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