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Four Beast Arc
FHK facing the Four Beast
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Four Beast Arc
Chapters: Chapter 194 - Chapter 209
Episodes: Episode 114 - Episode 123
Description: The Four Heavenly Kings are going for the last ingredient requested by Ichiryu, the Four Beast.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Bubble Fruit Arc (manga only)
Movie 2 and Golden Wheat Arc (anime only)
Followed by: Cooking Festival Arc

The Four Beast Arc is the 18th Arc installed in the series and eleventh in the Training for Gourmet World Saga continuing from Golden Wheat Arc (Anime filler).


The Four Heavenly Kings seek out the last training ingredient requested by Ichiryu. In order to evolve their gourmet cells the 4 kings awaited Chef Komatsu at the Ten-Star Restaurant on The Gourmet Towers, Meanwhile Komatsu completes cooking the Bubble Fruits with the help of Head Chef Chiru. The gourmet cells of 4 kings evolve as they eat the Bubble FruitsRin states she has a message video from Ichiryu as the 4 kings listen Zebra turns off the video mid-way through. Before they can question Zebra about his action Terry,Kiss and Quinn arrive at the scene as Zebra states he will use a Daruma Horse for transportation, all 4 of the kings head out for the four corners of Human World.

Komatsu Finishes Cooking the Bubble Fruits[]

The Four Heavenly Kings are dining at "Tray King " a 10-Star restaurant on the 330th floor of the Knife Building, one of the symbols of Gourmet Town, the Gourmet Towers. A state of emergency has been announced by the IGO and all the population of Human World has been given shelter at the center of Human World. Meanwhile Komatsu is riding Terry and while heading toward the Knife Building, he picks up Rin. Komatsu reveals on how he cooked the Bubble fruits with the help of Chiru. He sees a strange thing on the wrist of Rin and asks her what it was. Rin says that it is a Measuring Tong which can measure the Capture Level of beasts over 100.

Bubble Fruits dinner

The group about to eat the cooked Bubble Fruits.

Back at the restaurant, the Heavenly Kings discuss about the last training ingredient, the Four Beasts. Mansam tells Uumen about how the last Four Beast attack was stopped by the young Ichiryu. The head chef and owner of Tray King,1-Millimeter Yuda hands out more portions of food to the four Heavenly Kings but Zebra finishes it in an instant. Komatsu arrives with Rin and tells that he had completed cooking the bubble fruits with the help of Chiru. Sunny asks why Rin had come too. Rin says that she has an important message from the President of IGO. Komatsu is surprised in seeing the chef at 5th place in ranking, Chef Yuda. The four Heavenly Kings eat the cooked Bubble Fruit and they find the ingredient extremely compatible with everyone.

The Heavenly Kings' fight against the Four Beasts[]

After viewing the message Rin brought from Ichiryu in which he gave the details about the Four Beasts' attack pattern, the respective animal partners of Heavenly Kings arrive. Only Zebra didn't have a partner or any means of transport to which he says that he has borrowed a Dharma Horse from the Dharma Hermit. After that Toriko, Zebra, Coco and Sunny leave from the Gourmet Towers in different directions anticipating on which beast they will get to fight with. Meanwhile the Allied Forces Army Headquarters is preparing its own forces to fight the Four Beasts with the best arsenal they have. They get many reports on the damage the Four Beasts caused.The Baron Archipelago,Sandy Beach of the Cave where The Puffer Whales breed, the 8th Biotope, the 1st Biotope, the Wul Jungle, the Gourmet Pyramid, Ice Hell, all were severely damaged.The forces of Allied Forces Army Headquarters strike the Four Beasts but Four Beasts were not fazed from the attack and they quickly destroy the armed forces and continue to rampage.

Finally the four Heavenly Kings arrive to confront the Four Beasts. Zebra encounters the Mount Turtle, Sunny fights the King Octopus Kong, Coco finds Invaitdeath and Toriko battles Gaoh. Rin and Komatsu who traveled with Toriko remain 5 kilometers away from him and Gaoh, a distance Toriko measured to be safe. Rin sprays Super Deodorant Smoke to eliminate their scent from Gaoh and she says that The Heavenly Kings will measure the Capture Level of each of the Four Beasts. Gaoh happens to be of Capture Level 127, The King Octopus Kong happens to be of capture Level 132, Invaitdeath happens to be of Capture Level 140 and the Mount Turtle happens to be of Capture Level above 100, though Zebra was the only one to not use the Measure Tongs.

Toriko and Terry facing Gaoh

Toriko vs Gaoh

Sunny and Quinn facing King Octopus Kong

Sunny vs King Octopus Kong

Coco and Kiss facing the Invaitdeath2

Coco vs Invaitdeath

Mounturtle hit by Zebra's Voice Meteor Shower

Zebra vs Mounturtle

The first storm of attacks from the Heavenly Kings do not affect the Four Beasts much and when the Four Beasts counter attacked, it seemed as if the Heavenly Kings were defeated but they emerged unhurt from the attack reviving the hope of the Human World watching. Meanwhile Rin and Komatsu watch the rest of Ichiryu's message which was interrupted by Zebra. This revealed that there is only one Four Beast and the beasts The Heavenly Kings are fighting were just the limbs of the Four Beast. And he also added that there was a mastermind who was controlling the main body of the Four Beast in the Shadows and he is the one who is the real enemy to be defeated.

Toriko defeats Gaoh with his new attack, Cannon Fork. Coco defeats the Invaitdeath with his new poison called Poison Virus and a Mold Spear .Sunny defeats the King Octopus Kong with his new attack Super Hair Shot. Zebra defeats Mount Turtle with his new attack Beat Punch. But suddenly Rin contacts the four and tells them that there is only one Four Beast and the ones they defeated were its limbs. The Limbs of Four Beast then escape underground and head towards the center of Human World where the main body is located, the Heavenly Kings rush to the center of Human World in order to stop the fight the Four Beast and protect the Humans.

The Attack of the Four Beast and the Green Rain[]

Four Beast's roar

The Four Beast finally appears.

                                                   While The Heavenly Kings are rushing to the center of the Human World, The Four Beast main body awakens and starts rampaging in the city and also eats some

Four Beast feeling FHK intimidations

The Four Beast senses the Four Kings.

people. Teppei who was in the city before uses his skills to make a Protect Tree which protects the building. He sees Zebra riding on the Daruma Horse through the city and becomes worried as he had not reinforced that part of city. Zebra says that he had used his Otokabe to protect the buildings. Zebra sensed the Four Beast's Main body absorbing its limbs. Just then Toriko, Coco and Sunny arrive. Having regained its limbs, the Four Beast emits a smoke from its mouth which eventually rises into the clouds and precipitates, forming rain. Coco says that this rain is Green Rain, also known as Illness Rain and says that any human hit by it would get killed in less than an hour. He asks Komatsu to head to Yuda's shop on the Gourmet Tower as he can create the antidote for the poisonous rain. Komatsu rides the Daruma Horse to get to Yuda's shop. The Heavenly Kings get ready to fight the Four Beast.

Four Beast releasing Green Rain

The Four Beast releases its Green Rain.

Zebra goes to strike first and his attack is not at all effective as the Four Beast channels the power from the attack out of i

Damala, Tsurara, Sumire and Lulubhu arriving at Zen Ou

The chefs arrive to make the cure for the Green Rain.

ts body. Even Toriko, Sunny and Coco's attacks are useless as all the attacks are channeled out of its body. Meanwhile Komatsu meets Yuda who says that he can certainly prepare the antidote cooking but one hour was not enough time to make it for tens of millions of Humans and the best he can make is 100,000. Then several prominent Chefs from all over the world enter to help with the cooking. Meanwhile Rin rides Terry and uses the Measure Tongs on the Four Beast and finds that the range is over 300 and will vary. Setsuno, Chiru, Livebearer, Damala, Lulubhu, Tsurara Mama and Sumire arrive. Komatsu is delighted at seeing so many prominent figures coming all at once. Johannes tells that he called all of them as he thought that they may require many chefs in order to cook the antidote.

Four Beast vs Intimidation

The Kings and the Four Beast battle on.

Meanwhile The Four Heavenly Kings are beaten badly by the Four Beast. Rin uses Endorphin Smoke to create a cover and heal the Heavenly Kings. Rin tells them that the Capture Level of Four Beast is 350. The Heavenly Kings get pumped up and strike the Four Beast. Teppei understands that the Four Beast was revived and decides to find the mastermind. Back at Yuda's shop, Yuda prepares the antidote cooking called Medicinal Cooking Mochi. Yuda explains how the dish can neutralize the effect of the poison. Damala Sky XIII says that complementary colors cancels each other out. Komatsu says that if they can work together they can make it for every single human but the other chefs say that it was impossible as it was a Special Preparation Ingredient. Komatsu is saddened by this and requests them to give him ten minutes and says that he will find an easy method for cooking the Medicinal Cooking Mochi so that any chef can prepare it. Meanwhile the Heavenly Kings are struggling against the Four Beast due to their attacks having no effect.

Cooking of the Medicinal Cooking Mochi and the defeat of the Four Beast[]

Komatsu finishes Medicinal Mochi

Komatsu finishes the simplified mochi.

The Four Heavely Kings realize that the Four Beast can see through their attacks as its limbs previously fought them. Komatsu is working hard in making the cooking of the Medicinal Cooking Mochi simple. Meanwhile Tylan appears and uses a live video to make the people do an exercise which can delay the effect of the poison. The chefs at Yuda's shop argue about the ability of Komatsu. Komatsu then emerges when his given time of 10 minutes almost expires. The chefs are amazed that Komatsu found an easy way to cook the dish. Each of the cooks gathers their staff so that they can learn to make the Medicinal Cooking Mochi. Johannes asked Tina to rally a line so that the whole world can watch Komatsu. Komatsu then begins his lecture of preparing the Medicinal Cooking Mochi. He makes a solution of water and common salt and then soaks Color Rice in it. He then says to take the rice floating at top and laying at the bottom in a 1:1 ratio and steam them for thirty seconds. Then he says to knead and crush the steamed Color Rice, which no longer require a set amount of hits or angles because the color of the rice has been fixed. The chefs realize that Komatsu was using a basic cooking principle called color fixing in his method. He then says to add a paste of 290 grams of Plumset Nut Paste for every 750 grams of rice and then roll them into a dumpling shape, which has the same color as Yuda's original Mochi.

Yuda was very much surprised as Komatsu found a very simple way to cook the Special Preparation Ingredient. All of the assembled chefs start cooking the Medicinal Cooking Mochi at earnest and then started distributing the dish to the people who have been affected by the rain. Meanwhile, the Heavenly Kings who are helpless against the Four Beast lie on the ground. On the brink of death, Toriko feels hungry and the others

Zebra saving everyone with Jet Voice

The beaten Kings rise once more refusing to give up.

complain why he can't stop thinking of food even at a desperate situation like this. Toriko mentions that in the message Ichiryu said that the more damage they do to the Four Beast , the tastier it becomes. The Four Heavenly Kings get up, driven by their desire of eating the tasty meat of the Four Beast. Toriko proposes on using the technique they were taught by Ichiryu called Appetite Energy. Toriko says that they must match each others appetite to be able to create the perfect source of energy but they will be vulnerable during the time. Suddenly the Four Beast prepares to attack but it gets hit by Terry and then by Kiss and Quinn. While observing, Mansam senses the look the Four Beast gave about its fights and experience in the Gourmet World. The Heavenly Kings depend of their partners to fend off the Four Beast attacks as they prepared their at

Quinn ripping Four Beast leg

The Kings' animal partners try to fight off the Four Beast while their masters prepare their attack.

tack. The Four Beast beats down Terry, Kiss and Quinn. But the time they got was worth it as the attack of the Heavenly Kings was complete and ready to strike. The Four Beast feels like being served in a platter while looking at the attack. The Heavenly Kings launch their Appetite Energy calling it the Ou Shouku Bansan (Feast of Kings). After they launch the attack , the Ou Shouku Bansan takes the shape of a ball with a giant mouth with a limitless void in it.

FHK succeeding in the making of an Appetite Energy2

The Kings unleash their ultimate attack and finally slay the Four Beast.

It starts devouring the Four Beast while increasing in size. The Four Beast tries but is too slow to stop the appetite's onslaught and then gets completely devoured by it. The Heavenly Kings and all the people of the world celebrate their victory as the green clouds clear up and the Green Rain is dispelled. The Ou Shouku Bansan forms a large ball in sky consisting of the Four Beast meat and a tiny ball which contains the humans the Four Beast ate. The Humans are rescued by Sunny as they fall. Toriko, Coco and Sunny thank their partners for helping them out. Komatsu arrives with the Medicinal Cooking Mochi so that they can nullify the poison of the Green Rain.


Joa telling Teppei, that he will die

The mysterious man warns Teppei that he will die by his hands.

Teppei finds out the mastermind behind the attack and asks what his motive was. The chefs cook the Four Beast meat in thier own style and server it to the people. The Heavenly Kings eat the dishes prepared by Komatsu and other chefs celebrating their victory. The mysterious person Teppei found seemed to be very powerful and uses a attack which makes Teppei feel like an ingredient on a chopping board, about to be cut.

Teppei suddenly wakes up from a bed. He sees Pukin, a fellow Saiseiya. He tells Pukin about how he felt like being on a cutting board and felt like he was being cooked. Pukin servers him a drink which she says will bring back his strength.

Teppei waking up in Pukin's lab

Teppei awakens from his coma and survives his encounter with the mysterious figure.

Teppei notices Butter Walnut and Calorie Bananas on the table. He says that those were hard to revive ingredients and Pukin is amazing as always. Teppei says that only a legendary Saiseiya could do that. Pukin tells about her master, Saiseiya Mohyan Shaishai who knows the greatest revival technique in the world and one of the Gourmet Human National Treasure and no one other than him can revive a wild beast of the class of the Four Beast. She said that her master disappeared a few days ago. Teppei says that his master may know something. Pukin notices the scar on Teppei's face and asks him if its gotten bigger. Teppei becomes shocked after he finds the scar on his face bigger than before.

Setsuno analyzes Mochi

Yuda and Setsuno admiring Komatsu's work.

While the Heavenly Kings are feasting, Yuda and Setsuno discuss about the Medicinal Cooking Mochi Komatsu had prepared. Yuda says that the idea of color fixing could have come to them if they had thought a little more and says Komatsu was truly brilliant. Setsuno said that he heard the voice of the ingredient and it was no skill or technique and says that they should recommend him to G7. Yuda says that there is no need for that as Komatsu must have certainly got ranking in the Chef World Ranking. Toriko is happy about collecting all the Training Ingrediants that Ichiryu requested and is ready to enter the Gourmet World. At theIGO headquarters Mansam is glad that the Heavenly Kings beat the Four Beast and he didn't interfere in their training. Uumen said that if Mansam had gone wild then he could have single-handedly beat the Four Beast.

File:Melk and Atashino with Ichiryu in Slow Rain Hills.png

Ichiryu, Melk and Atashino prepare for their mission.

Ichiryu, Melk and Atashino are in the Slow Rain Hills in the Gourmet World in search of Acacia's Salad AIR. Ichiryu expresses     relief when Atashino informs him that the Human World has settled down. He then praises Melk for the kitchen knife Melk had made and said he can handle AIR with this. Toriko is back to his home is goes hunting for food with Terry and remembers about what Rin said. Rin said to Toriko that when she used the Measure Tongs on Terry while it was still incomplete, it showed an 'E' which meant error. Rin said that the Measure Tongs can only measure a maximum of 999 Capture Level and maybe Terry's Capture Level was over 1000. Toriko says that the Measure Tongs might have picked up Terry's latent ability.

G7 at Hotel Gourmet

The G7 informs Komatsu of his new status.

Meanwhile Johannes comes to Toriko. He says that he was on a mission and he got a request from IGO to Toriko. He says that the IGO would like the Four Heavenly Kings to supply ingredients for the Cooking Fest. He then says that Cooking Fest is a food festival held once in every four years in Cooking Island to decide the best chef in the world. He says that the viewership ratings exceed 95% and an increased prosperity all over the world. Then Johannes says to Toriko that including the 8th Biotope , all the Biotopes suffered serious damage and cannot supply ingredients and the ecosystem o each area is also not in a good condition. Johannes then says to Toriko that the ingredient they want him to capture was a Gourmet World ingredient, Which came to Human World by attaching itself on one of the Four Beast's limbs in form of a seed and has budded and growing.

Toriko then goes to fetch Komatsu who is working at the Hotel Gourmet Restaurant. After Toriko arrives , Two of the G7, Painomi and Kitt arrive. They say Komatsu is placed at 88th in the Chef World Rankings and has qualified for the year's Cooking Fest and then they invited him. Komatsu is utterly surprised hearing the invitation.





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