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Four Heavenly Kings
The Four Heavenly Kings: Sunny, Toriko, Zebra and Coco
Japanese 四天王
Romanized Shiten'nō
English Four Gourmet Kings
Affiliation Komatsu, IGO, Gourmet Knights,
Gourmet Yakuza,
Underground Cooking World
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
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The Four Heavenly Kings (四天王 Shiten'nō) is the name commonly given to the group formed by Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra. They all are incredibly powerful Gourmet Hunters who were trained since childhood by IGO president Ichiryu.

Despite the presence of stronger and more experienced individuals than the kings existing, what truly makes the Four Heavenly Kings the most idolized and recognized Gourmet Hunters of their generation is the countless achievements they have made in the field of gourmet hunting by discovering countless new ingredients, with just one of their members having discovered over 6,000 kinds of new ingredients. It is these many discoveries and contributions to the Gourmet Age, as well as being the chosen successors of the legendary Ichiryu, that makes them stand out among other hunters, making them "Gourmet Hunters" in the truest sense.

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Superhuman Senses[]

Each of the Four Heavenly Kings have honed one of their five senses to extreme levels:

  • Toriko - Smell (to the point of being able to smell other creature's fluids or scents from several kilometers away)
  • Coco - Eyesight (to the point of being able to see in the dark and perceive the electromagnetic waves of his targets)
  • Sunny - Touch (to the point of being able to use every one of his hairs as individual feelers to sense any structure around him)
  • Zebra - Hearing (to the point of sensing vibrations and sounds from several kilometers away and being able to locate himself and his targets through echolocation)

It goes without saying that the fifth sense (taste) has been heightened greatly due to the large amounts of food the four have consumed, though still a far cry from the taste skills of the Gourmet Seven. For example, Toriko was able to determine some of the ingredients in Century Soup by tasting it once.

Superhuman Abilities[]

Each of the Four Heavenly Kings have been implanted with Gourmet Cells (with the exception of Toriko who was born with them) and the cells have given them superhuman abilities. They are:

  • Toriko - Superhuman Strength; Superhuman Speed; Limited Own Muscle Growth; Intuitive Learning Capabilities; Appetite Energy Projection; Autophagy
  • Coco - Poison Generation and Crystallization; Poison Constructions Animation; Excessive Anti-Body Possession and Production
  • Sunny - Own Hair Manipulation, Rapid Hair Growth, Hair Constructions, Remote Hair Control; Extremely Durable Hair
  • Zebra - Sound Generation, Manipulation, and Perception; Sound Constructions; Sound Transmutation; Excessive Strength; Anger Energy Source


Four Heavenly Kings
TorikoGC CocoGC SunnyGC ZebraGC
Toriko Coco Sunny Zebra

Animal Partners[]

Each of the Four Heavenly Kings have an Animal Partner, powerful beasts (with unmeasurable capture level) that have been tamed and now work with them acting as their companions. Zebra and the Daruma Horse are a possible exception as it was "lent" by the Daruma Hermit to Zebra.

Safety Monsters[]

Safety Monsters are beasts which people can live in that are capable of generating a Rest Room. During their adventures in the Gourmet World, the Four Heavenly Kings used these beasts as transport and for camping.

When the Four Heavenly Kings, along with their Animal Partners, Komatsu and his Animal Partner (the Wall Penguin, Yun) entered the Gourmet World, they gained an Octomelon. Affectionately dubbed "Octo-chan" by Komatsu, the Octomelon was given to them by Chichi. It has a massive amount of space within it, easily capable of holding the Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, their Animal Partners, as well as giant-sized cooking utensils, in addition to other elaborate modifications. It traveled with them to Hex Food World in Area 8, and after the Kings captured AIR, was tasked with taking it back to the Human World.

Another Safety Monster, the Denshark, was donated to the Kings courtesy of the residents of Hex Food World. It was tasked with taking them to Area 7. Unlike Octo-chan, rather than being large, it was extremely long, composed of dozens of carriages. Though it was more aggressive than the Octomelon, it has a better functioning Rest Room. It later entered "Autotomy Mode" and was brought to 100G Mountain, where it held a comatose 'Komatsu'. When "Kaka", a Blue Nitro who briefly helped the Four Heavenly Kings, revealed its true colors and attempted to kidnap Komatsu, it was shocked to find that the 'Komatsu' in the Denshark was actually one of Coco's Poison Dolls. At this point, both Autotomy Mode and the Rest Room that were protecting it from the intense gravity was cancelled, causing the Denshark to be driven deep into the mountain, along with Kaka (though it managed to escape), leaving the beast's location and condition unknown.


FHK young 3

Four Heavenly Kings as children.

The Four Heavenly Kings are some of the most renowned, powerful, and influential Gourmet Hunters that have ever existed. Before the beginning of the story, the four trained from a very young age together under the tutelage of Ichiryu, who also presumably implanted them with Gourmet Cells. Having endured incredibly harsh training the four grew into superhuman Gourmet Hunters. By the time of the current story, each member has become individually renowned in their own unique ways. Toriko becomes famous for discovering and categorizing new ingredients; although mainly for his own enjoyment, as opposed to forwarding knowledge. Sunny became famous for his vanity, as well as his Gourmet Hunter skills.

-A-Destiny SGKK- Toriko - 04 (1280x720 H264 AAC) -ED384487- 20110430-21525897

Together in battle.

Coco eventually decided to quit the Gourmet Hunter's life and live in semi-seclusion near Gourmet Fortune; this was partly to escape the attention of IGO scientists who wanted to examine his body's poison abilities. Zebra's monstrous power and appetite eventually made him an infamous criminal and one-man natural disaster; his wiping out of whole species dramatically affected ecosystems, changed the course of wars, and threw whole nations and economies into turmoil.

Although they trained together and complement each others abilities, the Four Heavenly Kings are reluctant to band together for any reason. This is mostly due to petty personality conflicts, rivalries, or reluctance to share food. Toriko believes that Komatsu, who has grown close to each of the four, is the key to eventually reuniting them.

Due to their affiliations, three of them (Toriko, Coco, and Sunny) share a rivalry with three of the Gourmet Corp. Sous Chefs (Starjun, Grinpatch, and Tommyroad respectively), having a death battle at the end of the Human World Saga when the IGO and the Gourmet Corps clashed.



  • The term "Four Heavenly Kings" or Shitennou was used in Japan as a title for the four strongest and most loyal vassals of various famed warlords, including Minamoto Yorimitsu, Takeda Shingen, and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The term is likely a nod to the Four Heavenly Kings and perhaps the mythological Four Divine Beasts of Si Ling, common in China and Japan.
  • Each of the Four Heavenly Kings have included an ingredient from Acacia's Full Course Menu into theirs with Toriko having two.

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