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Japanese フローゼ
Romanized Furōze
English Froese
Aliases Frohze, Chef Goddess
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Partner Acacia (husband/lover)
Personal Status
Relatives Ichiryu (adopted son),
Jiro (adopted son),
Midora (adopted son),
Starjun (son),
Toriko (son),
Joie (male reincarnation)
Rin (Daughter-in-Law)
Teppei (adoptive great-grandson)
Unborn grandchild
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 109 (mentioned)
Anime Episode 72 (mentioned)
Japanese Nana Mizuki
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For anything in this world... its true value is only born when it's shared... The same goes for my cooking... Something you made only for yourself has no value at all.

—Froese to her son Midora.

Froese (フローゼ Furōze), the Chef Goddess (神の料理人 Kami no Ryōrijin), was the legendary holy chef who formed a Combo with the equally-legendary "Gourmet God" Acacia. Due to this and her many selfless achievements in life, she is renowned as the greatest chef in history and was able to prepare all of the holy and phantasmal ingredients in Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Aside from being the legendary holy chef, she is the biological mother of Toriko and Starjun and the foster mother of Ichiryu, Jiro, and Midora, whom she loved with all her heart, and they grew up to become notable individuals in history. It was the love for her sons that would eventually lead to her tragic and premature passing.

In the final chapter of Toriko, it is revealed that Froese is a reincarnation of the mother of a family of Gourmet Gods.


Froese was a light-skinned woman of great beauty in her youth, with short dark hair, big bright eyes and supple lips. Her outfit appears to consist of a simple dark-colored top with a v-neck line and a dark-colored choker with a white trim around her neck.

When Froese activated the true power of her Gourmet Cells, her hair turned lighter in color and grew incredibly long and widespread. Her eyes lost their pupils and began to glow, while her face became somewhat covered in shadow.

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Midora: Why... Why do you... make food for people, Froese?

Froese: Well, I want lots of people to eat all the food they want.

—Midora questions the reason for Froese's kindness.

Froese was a compassionate and caring woman of extreme selflessness and charity. She cared deeply for children and could not bare to see others starving or the world be at war. She was very forgiving of others as she did not become upset over a man complaining about the food she brought to him and tried to stop Midora from harming him. She also loved her adopted children dearly and cherished her family like any mother would and gladly sacrificed her own life for the sake of her son, Midora. She was also extremely close to Acacia and loved him dearly and together they raised their adopted children as best they could during the warring times, however it is unknown if they were formally engaged or not.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being recognized as the "Chef Goddess", Froese was a woman of amazing culinary skills far greater than anyone in history. She could prepare all manner of ingredients and as Acacia's partner she was likely also capable of preparing the many amazing dishes of his Full Course Menu. Not much is known of her physical abilities. However, they may be inferred from Joie's capabilities, since Joie is her male reincarnation due to the sex-changing effects of PAIR.

Gourmet Cells[]

Frohze triggers God Cooking

Froese's Gourmet Cells activated.

Froese ate Acacia's Full Course, thus gaining total mastery over the power of her Gourmet Cells,[1] which she could use in conjunction with her cooking.

Appetite Demon[]

Froese's Gourmet Cells are host to an Appetite Demon.[2] This Appetite Demon is shown when she uses God Cooking. It also appeared when Komatsu was cooking GOD, to guide him in the process.

Food Honor[]

Froese is a master of Food Honor as she handled numerous ingredients with precision and a delicate touch.

Food Immersion (食没 Shokubotsu): Her stomach and other organs can store more than the normally acceptable level of food, thus allowing her to charge herself with the energy of food gleaned from eating. This enables her to survive for several months without eating or drinking. She needed this ability in order to be able to survive cooking GOD.[3]

Food Luck[]

Froese had unparalleled Food Luck, the trait for which Acacia sought her out.[4][5]


As expected of a chef of her status, Froese used many amazing kitchen tools, many of which were made from the Bishoku Cedar trees which were of excellent quality and her cutting board was also made from these trees. She was the owner of the legendary kitchen knife, the holy blade Cinderella. Setsuno remarked that some of Joie's techniques utilizing Cinderella, such as the Sky Cut whose scale was able to slice apart tsunamis, originally belonged to Froese.


Frohze performs God Cooking small

God Cooking (神の料理術ゴッドクッキング Goddo Kukkingu): A Dark Technique, it allows Froese to perform complex cooking and other powerful techniques regardless of her condition, thanks to the power of her Gourmet Cells. It makes her facial appearance change substantially.

Back Channel (裏のチャンネル Ura no Channeru): Having eaten Acacia's Full Course, Froese can conjure Back Channels. She can produce considerably powerful Back Channels, able to encase her unborn twin children in a Back Channel that lasted for 500 years adrift on sea where time inside the channel "was nearly at a standstill".[6] Being a chef, Froese would have likely utilized the Back Channel's power to facilitate her cooking. Joie, her male incarnation, used a Warp Kitchen to support himself in battle.



Little is known about Froese's past or origin. What little is known is that she at some point became Acacia's combo partner and helped prepare many of the ingredients he discovered and those in his Full Course Menu, and she was a woman of great skill like her partner. She was also said to have made her chopping board and other various tools out of Bishoku Cedar trees which would be part of the future location of the Gourmet Temple where her partner Acacia would be honored and worshiped in the future.[7] It was also noted that along with Acacia himself, Froese had also eaten the Gourmet God's Legendary Full Course Menu.

Gourmet War[]

Frohze takes care for Midora

Froese feeding Midora.

During the dreadful Gourmet War 500 years ago, Froese discovered the feral child Midora when he was on the verge of dying from starvation while she was exploring, showing an expression of sympathy towards the feral child.[8] She took him to her home, fed him, and allowed him to stay as long as he wished, thus adopting him and making him a part of her family, an act which deeply moved Midora. The next day, Midora awoke and brought Froese a Flavor Rhino as a thank you present. When Ichiryu, Jiro, and Acacia returned, Midora attacked them and Jiro use Knocking to stop him, but after being told by Froese that they are not enemies and that Midora is their newest family member, both parties quickly settled down and got to know each other. She and Acacia then take a quick liking to Midora and quickly embraced him as their third son, while Ichiryu and Jiro embraced him as their kid brother, much to Froese's joy. Later that night, as the three orphans went outside. Froese began discussing about the situation of the Gourmet War with Acacia, who reveals that it is not showing any signs of slowing down and that they would need PAIR's information in order to stop it.[9]

Froese spent part of her life preparing ingredients that have been gathered by Acacia and their adopted sons and distributing them to cities and towns which were heavily affected by the Gourmet War, offering charity where needed in order to prevent people who had been stricken with poverty due to the war from suffering with hunger. She believed that by offering food for everyone, the war would end and everyone would become happy when they had filled their stomachs, something which Midora found hard to grasp.

For the next ten years, Froese and her family remained together and she happily witnessed their growths and accomplishments. However one night, their home was visited the Gourmet Nobility.[10] Acacia and Froese left with the Blue Nitros that same night.[11]

They spent several months in the Gourmet World finding and preparing the planet's Full Course Menu. During that time Froese was pregnant[12] with Toriko and Starjun and later removed her placenta and children, placed them in a Back Channel with Food Luck and centuries-worth of food, and set them adrift in a boat.[6]

After finishing the Full Course and still during the Gourmet Solar Eclipse, Acacia returned with Froese in his arms. Froese had suffered a severe loss of stamina due to cooking GOD. Midora, seeking to help his mother, went to Area 1 to bring back some Cure Water. However, he suffered many grievous wounds at the claws of the Dragon King and, upon returning to Froese, immediately collapsed. The weakened Froese quickly went to her son's side and activated her Cooking God abilities once more in order to save his life, sadly doing so used up the last of her strength and was the last selfless act she ever made.[11]


Frohze's grave

After exerting the last of her power to save Midora's life, Froese was unable to continue on and eventually passed away in her son's arms. Jiro and Setsuno attempted to revive her but to no avail much to their grief. The following day, Froese was buried atop a small hill with a single stake as her grave marker. Acacia, Setsuno and her three sons stood over her grave as they heavily grieved for the loss of their beloved Froese. After tearfully bidding his beloved Froese farewell, Acacia set off for Gourmet World to seal his Full Course. Midora unable to accept his mother's passing continued to bring her bottles of Cure Water and pour them over her grave for many days however this only caused him further grief and sadness.[11]

Due to her fear of Acacia's Appetite Demon, Froese refused to be revived, and in her stead, Joie possessed her body (and changed its gender) in order to help Acacia's goals.[13]

It was her death that would then inspire Midora to establish the Gourmet Corp. and take away the blessings of food from the world that did not cherish or value Froese's sacrifices.

Her death also inspired Setsuno for many centuries to come in a far different way, as it made her believe that chefs only truly "retire" when they die and that chefs must continue to cook so long as people keep eating.[14]


Due to her amazing, culinary achievements alongside Acacia, she is recognized as the greatest chef in history and was honored with the title of "Chef Goddess" by the world. She continues to be remembered along with Acacia by chefs who revere her and by the Gourmet Temple which continues to honor her memory by preserving the Bishoku Cedar forest where she crafted her legendary equipment. Despite her great legacy, she does not have her own shrine within the Gourmet Temple and there isn't much evidence shown that she is revered or worshiped in the same way as Acacia.[7]

Her death continued to be the driving force behind her son, Midora's actions and for the next 500 years he would continue focus his life on ensuring his goals where achieved, in order to bring about the justification he believed she deserved.

The Dark Chef Joie, a Food Spirit possessing Froese's body, would also play a significant role within the world for the next 500 years as well, aiding the NEO organization and furthering its own mysterious goals.

Melk Stardust Arc[]

After Melk the First, the world famous artisan saw Komatsu's kitchen knife he was very impressed, as the only other knife he had ever seen to have shocked and amazed him so was the knife of chef Froese herself. The only others ever matching up to her knives' standards were those of "Chef King" Zaus and "Gourmet National Treasure" Setsuno.[15]

Toriko's Break Arc[]

Toriko and Komatsu paid a visit to the Gourmet Temple to pay their respects to Acacia. While there they managed to visit the Bishoku Cedar forest which left both in awe.[7]

Cooking Festival Arc[]

During the war within the Cooking Festival, Froese became a center of attention to many of the people within the event, this was due to the ominous Dark Chef Joie. At first, Froese was mentioned by Setsuno amidst the battle due to the knife, Cinderella, being in possession of Joie. She was again mentioned by Setsuno when Jiro attacked Joie and ripping Joie's cloak around their face, revealing none other than the face of Froese herself albeit having noticeable differences between the two. While Jiro believed Joie was Froese, Setsuno reassured him that it is not Froese due Froese's appearance having a heavy difference to Joie when she used her Gourmet Cells and that Froese herself has already been deceased. 

Froese was again referenced later on by Midora during his fight with Ichiryu, in which he briefly reminisced about his childhood and his adoption by Froese and Acacia 500 years ago and the events that took place during the final years of the Gourmet War.


GOD Arc[]

While exploring Neo's stomach in the World of Souls, Ichiryu discovers Froese preparing countless ingredients.[16]


  • When Setsuno recalls Froese's final moments, she remembers Froese wearing a long-sleeved robe. However in the flashback of her death, she is shown wearing a simple strapless white dress.
    • This is either an oversight on Shimabukuro's part or possibly that since Setsuno was not present during Froese's final moments, she simply pictures Froese with said attire.
  • Her voice actor also voices Tina.


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