Japanese ふみじ
Romanized Fumiji
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Temple
Occupation Food Vendor
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 145
Anime Episode 72
Japanese Hiroo Sasaki
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Fumiji is an old food vendor who runs a Gourtree Fruit stand underneath a sacred Bishoku Cedar tree in the Gourmet Temple. After a fateful encounter with Toriko, he was blessed with a great deal of Food Luck and his business was so successful that he became a millionaire.


Fumiji is an old middle-aged and light-skinned man with short spiky black hair and a rectangular nose. He wears a simple black shirt and a white apron with a fruit symbol on it, along with a rope headband tied around his head.


He is a humble and worrisome individual who had very little self-esteem and thought his business would never turn around. After finally having his luck turn around he became far more happy and optimistic.


Toriko's Break ArcEdit


Fumiji becomes a millionaire.

Fumiji had set up a shot at a sacred tree in the Gourmet Temple, sadly he received very little business much to his sadness. While Toriko and Komatsu were visiting the Gourmet Temple, Toriko spotted Fumiji's stand and immediately bought many of his Gourtree Fruits much to Fumiji's happy shock. Later when one of the Gourtree Fruits Toriko had bought had the rare golden seed in it that only appears in only one fruit out of hundreds of thousands at a time which instantly earned Toriko a 1 year food coupon for everything at the temple, all thanks to Fumiji. Toriko then shared his coupon with the people at the temple and told them of where he bought his lucky fruit. This instantly caused a mass of people to line up at Fumiji's humble stand who were eager to buy some lucky fruits of their own, much to Fumiji's shock and happiness. Thanks to Toriko, Fumiji poor luck finally turned around and he was able to become a millionaire due his successful sales.


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