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Japanese フトモ
Romanized Futomo
Aliases BBQ Queen
Race Human
Gender Female.png Female
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Blue Sky Colony
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 213
Anime Debut Episode 126
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"BBQ Queen" Futomo (フトモ, Futomo) is a world renowned BBQ chef whose amazing cooking skills and delicious barbecue foods earned her a spot in the prestigious IGO Chef Ranking at number 41, making her one of the greatest chefs in the world. She was the owner and head chef of the barbecue restaurant, "Blue Sky Colony" and the combo partner of an unknown gourmet hunter.

After the events of Cooking Festival, she was kidnapped by the Gourmet Corp. and forced to join its ranks.


Futomo's face.

Futomo is a tall light-skinned woman with a thin body who normally wears a strapless dark purple dress and boots. She has short messy black hair and her eyes are usually closed or partially closed and appear droopy, making it seem as though she is always tired. Her eyes are a bright color and while she was in the custody of the Gourmet Corp. she had a different dress on from the one she started Cooking Fest with, this one having straps and what appeared to be a fishnet pattern.

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Futomo like many of her fellow chefs possesses a sense of honor and will not cook for selfish individuals and was brave enough to stand up to Midora when he demanded she join his ranks. Futomo also has a gourmet hunter partner which she has formed a combo with and she has a deep sense of loyalty towards her partner, refusing to join Midora's "combo" even if it may cost her life. She is usually seen with a tired or calm expression on her face which makes it difficult to tell what she is actually feeling.

Powers and Abilities[]

Being number 41 on the IGO Chef Ranking, Futomo is one of the top 50 greatest chefs in the world, making her skill and knowledge of cooking top notch. As indicated by her epithet, her primary style of cooking is barbequing, and her barbeque skills were so renowned that it earned her the title of "BBQ Queen". Despite her great skills, she was unable to make it to the final round of the Cooking Fest. She was also not seen among the chefs who were prepared to fight against the Gourmet Corp., indicating she may not be skilled in combat.


Cooking Festival Arc[]

Futomo was one of the many chefs that attended the 50th Cooking Festival in order to win the title of Super Cook. She was seen among the many competitors who entered Cooking Stadium and later she was one of the many chefs prepared to test her skills in the Cooking Triathlon.

Futomo and the other chefs imprisoned.

She later lost at an unknown point during Cooking Fest and was unable to make it to the finals despite her skills. After the Gourmet Corp. attacked the Cooking Stadium, many chefs were either captured or killed by them, and Futomo was one of the many unfortunate individuals to be captured. When she was taken to the their base in Gourmet World, Midora demanded that all the chefs become part of his combo, an offer that all of them refused including Futomo who personally refused Midora out of loyalty to her gourmet hunter partner. When Komatsu offered to make a meal for Midora, Futomo was one of the many chefs impressed by his cooking skills.

It is unknown whether or not Futomo was released or forced to serve the Gourmet Corp..

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • In the anime, Futomo is shown wearing lipstick and her nose is drawn a bit larger.


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