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This article pertains to the main dish of Acacia's menu. For the Nitro of the same name, see GOD.
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IGO Icon 2.png Name IGO Icon 2.png
Japanese GODゴッド
Romanized Goddo
Aliases God Ingredient,
King of All Ingredients (食材の王 Shokuzai no Ō),[1]
King of All Predators (捕食の王 Hoshoku no Ō)[1]
World Greatest Flavor (世界最大の味 Sekai saidai no aji)[1]
IGO Icon 2.png Statistics IGO Icon 2.png
Type Divine Beast
Capture Level 10000
Location Continent of Beginnings (Area 2)
Mushroom.png Debut Appearance Sushi.png
Manga Gourmet 61
Anime Episode 21
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GOD (ゴッド Goddo) is an amazing Divine Ingredient discovered by the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia 500 years ago. GOD is considered to be the greatest dish in the world and the pinnacle of all ingredients; its flavor is so great that it was even capable of putting an end to the great 100 year Gourmet War after the leaders of each country were enlightened by its flavor. It is said to rarely appear and it can only be found in Area 2's Continent of Beginnings of the Gourmet World, and while the first time it appeared brought peace to the world, its second appearance might bring about another great war.

Being the greatest ingredient in existence, it is sought after by many powerful and influential individuals, such as Gourmet Researchers, famous Gourmet Hunters, retired professionals, the Gourmet Corp, and essentially every single person in the world wishes to taste it. Even Toriko of the Four Heavenly Kings has chosen this ingredient to be the main dish in his Full Course Menu.

The true nature of this ingredient is that of a species of giant frog which is itself made up of an entire colony of tadpoles fused together. They primarily reside deep beneath the Continent of Beginnings and only leave their domain to eat and mature. Reaching maturity seems to take millions of years for this species of frogs, as even an ancient Nitro like Jiji had never seen an adult member of the species until the modern Gourmet Age.


GOD, in its first form, takes on an appearance of a gigantic tadpole as described by Jiji. When GOD emerges from the ground, it first appears in the form of multiple tadpoles ascending from the ground and into the sky, before falling back down to the surface and merging together to create the fully matured GOD. Depending on how GOD has matured over the millions of years, the sizes of the tadpoles will vary; in its matured state, the tadpoles are immensely large, comparable to that of a giant meteor.

GOD's color scheme

In its matured form, GOD appears as a golden frog. It bears an oval shape with its back and its rear legs covered in large scales of different colors. Its face bears several whisker-like protrusions with a ball at the end. Its shiny, blue irises have multi-pointed star-shaped pupils. Its stomach area also appears as the Earth viewed from space.

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Powers & Abilities

In its full matured form, GOD, being a frog, has impressive jumping strength, being capable of jumping high into the skies with barely any effort. GOD is also very fast, it was able to dodge Coco's Mold Spear Machine Gun despite of its massive body, and according to Starjun, it only take an instant to run to the other side of the earth. GOD's strongest feature by far, however, is its tongue, which possesses immense titanic strength, as well as great speed, being capable of blasting through any opposing defense in mere seconds. In addition to its strength, the tongue has extreme elastic properties, being capable of stretching all the way out into deep space. GOD's tongue strength is proven further as its able of latching onto, and pulling down something as large as the moon itself back to the planet with relative ease. The length of its tongue itself is also an impressive feat, as it's long enough to actually go around the entire world and touch its own back with it. It also appears that GOD has impressive digestive capabilities to the level its capable of devouring the moon in less than a second.


This ingredient is incredibly hard to capture and prepare. So much so that Froese, the greatest chef in history, almost died cooking it despite having the ability of Food Immersion.

According to Starjun, Food Luck is an indispensable ability if one wishes to obtain it.

Jiji and the Five 10-Shell Cooks state that the only way GOD can be created and cooked is to sacrifice enough life forms for their energy which would then serve as fertilizer for enhancing GOD's taste. Originally, different animals were used by the Blue Nitros to create GOD, but once those animals almost became extinct, they turned their focus onto humans as they made excellent slaves and could reproduce in abundance. From then on, humans became the sole requirement to create GOD by both the Blue Nitro and people of Blue Grill. Froese luckily discovered a method to prepare GOD without sacrifices 500 years ago, with the only side effect being severe weakness, something that Jiji also knows and kept hidden until the right time. Even though Froese sacrificed her life to save her son Midora and Neo consumed Jiji, the mystery of the technique was passed through to the Four Heavenly Kings from Jiji using their senses.

The first step to truly prepare GOD is to find a specific scale. Once the scale is found, the chef will gain visions of every single ingredient throughout the ages. These ingredients are the flavors found within GOD, and the chef must comprehend and understand each one as they prepare GOD, slowly cutting through GOD with precise and perfect accuracy.

When it's finally prepared, a chunk of GOD is served in the shape of sphere. Cutting into it reveals several layers resembling a planet, complete with a core.

As Food

Consuming GOD fully awakens the Gourmet Cells of the brain.[2] It has been shown that when a person who ate all of the other ingredients on Acacia's Full Course Menu (except for CENTER) eats GOD, their Appetite Demon manifests as a living being outside of their body, in its True Form. Upon eating CENTER, the Demon would then either devour the person and completely revive, or be devoured by them. [3] [4] [5]
There is not much information available to this process, as only two people (Acacia and Toriko) were seen undergoing it. It is not known how the process would go if the GOD was eaten before all the other items. Several people with Gourmet Cell Demon were in fact seen eating GOD without it manifesting their Demon, including Setsuno, Aimaru and Mansam.[6]

Piece of GOD

Prepared GOD

When served, a portion of God resembles a planet. The outside resembling an earth like world while the inner layers looking like the inner workings of a planet, from crust to core.


Gourmet War

Once every few hundred years, the Gourmet Solar Eclipse occurs and GOD emerges to harvest all the rich flavors (including creatures) that have accumulated. Each time, it causes mass extinctions, which are mistakenly attributed to the ensuing Ice Age.[7]

Acacia serving GOD to one of the world leaders.

During the 100-year Gourmet War, Acacia was able to end the war by serving the leaders of each country GOD. This event would then bring forth the "Gourmet Age" after the madness that had filled the world soon disappeared and true peace was made between the warring nations.[8]


When the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies arrive in Area 6, they are divided into teams to seek out each of Acacia's ingredients at a faster rate. Toriko and Starjun are teamed up by Jiji to seek out and capture GOD in Area 2.[9]

After being revived, the apocalyptic demon Neo sends out parts of itself to seek out the ingredients from Acacia's Full Course while it awaits the appearance of the "last," GOD.[10]


GOD appears for the final time in its final form.

GOD, in its final form, is a mass of tadpole-like creatures meshed together to form one giant frog. This frog appears drowsy after it is formed and seems to be sleeping. However, when it awakens it immediately attacks Toriko and the group with its tongue, but is deflected due to Sunny's Super Spatula. The tongue ricochets into space and hits the moon, which GOD pulls down and eats whole. Jiji points out that past GODs have all been tadpole-sized compared to the current one, and that since the planet has finally been cooked, GOD has finally reached maturity, explaining its difference in size and shape. GOD shoots out its tongue again, and while Toriko, Zebra, and Starjun try to block its attack, Aimaru is sent flying and Komatsu is captured and swallowed.[11]

With the untimely arrival of Joie and Acacia, GOD stretches its mouth, consumes Starjun's Blaze Dome, and stretches its tongue around the world till it reaches its own back. It then retracts its tongue, consuming anything and everything in its path, and lashes its tongue furiously to consume everything around itself.[12]


  • While all the dishes of Acacia's Full Course are written in Katakana (since they're foreign words), GOD is the only one written in Hiragana as if it were a native word.[citation needed]


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