This article pertains to the Nitro. For the main dish in Acacia's menu of the same name, see GOD.

Japanese ゴッド
Romanized Goddo
English GOD
Aliases GOD (codename)
Race Blue Nitro
Age Unknown (over millions of years)
Status Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Gourmet Nobility
Occupation Gourmet Noble
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 279
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GOD (ゴッド Goddo)[1] is the codename of one of the infamous Gourmet Nobility. As its name suggests, it is in charge of overseeing GOD.


GOD Nitro Color scheme

GOD's face color-scheme.


Being part of the Gourmet Nobles, its only concern is acquiring Acacia's Full Course and doing whatever it takes to further the Nobles' goals. As one of the Blue Nitro, GOD is completely loyal to the will of the Gourmet Cells, having remained true to the Nobles' goals since ancient times all for the sake of reviving the Neo and preparing the Earth for its eventual consumption.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Blue Nitro, GOD is an individual of incredible strength and skill. Being one of the Gourmet Nobles, it is a very knowledgeable being, having access to all the valuable information known to the Blue Nitros. It is also capable of speaking the human language. It also seems to be a skilled cook, having been seen with its fellow Nobles preparing the ingredients from Acacia's Full Course Menu.


Like the other Gourmet Nobility, GOD possess a collection of Life Orbs and a golden cooking implement.[2]



AIR ArcEdit

After Joie reaches the mysterious Dining Planet, he is able to meet with the powerful Gourmet Nobility, who sit around a meeting table placed on an immensely tall pillar. Joie informs them about the completion of his Ark, which is to be used on the day of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse. He requests that NEO be allowed to capture AIR, and the Nobles approve his request.[3]


At the Farthest Kitchen, GOD helps AIR and NEWS in the revival of Neo, Acacia's Appetite Demon, and worries about how close it is to reviving and how their stock of the Full Course is doing. Neo separates a piece of itself and launches it at the distracted NEWS, whose torso is completely consumed. However, two of its Life Orbs are used to revive it.[4] When Neo consumes the Nitro AIR, GOD is stunned and angered but ATOM steps forward to handle Neo, which launches several pieces of itself to the different continents. Before the Nitro can leave in pursuit, Jiro confronts them and they explain their plan to kill and seal Neo. When they refuse Jiro's help, he begins removing his Knocking seals.[5]

After Jiro withstands attacks from EARTH, ANOTHER, and NEWS, the Gourmet Nobility begin questioning how he could be so powerful; GOD wonders if he is actually an Appetite Demon. Jiro reveals that he was raised by "Wolf King" Guinness and was fed Red Nitro as a child, and GOD is left in disbelief.[6] The Nitros decide to seal Jiro and pull out a variety of Golden Cookware. After he breaks free of the Golden Thread, Jiro grabs GOD's and violently shakes it, shattering all but one of its Life Orbs, which Jiro takes.[7]


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