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Japanese 牙王 (がおう)
Romanized Gaō
Aliases Fang King
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Type Mammal Beast King Species
Capture Level 127
Length 300m
Height 170m
Weight 1.000.000t
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 194
Anime Episode 114
Game Toriko: Ultimate Survival
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Gaoh (牙王 Gaō, literally meaning "Fang King") is one of the limbs of the Four Beast. It is referred to as a "Mammal Beast King" species.


Gaoh is a quadrupedal beast bulging with muscle and covered in scars, and its overall physical appearance is that of a gigantic male African Lion, though with the fangs of a Sabertooth Cat like the extinct Smilodon. Its eyes are generally hidden in shadow beneath a heavy brow. Gaoh has a large straight nose, extremely long and sharp teeth, and a wild mane. Its heavily creased forehead bears a prominent scar in the shape of an 'X'.

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Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Gaoh utilizing its powerful jaw

Gaoh utilizing its powerful jaw.

Gaoh is a very powerful Gourmet World beast referred to as a 'Mammal Beast King' with a Capture Level of 127, which shows proof of its incredible strength. In the process of entering the Human World it caused damage on the scale of a huge natural disaster. When it destroyed the 1st Biotope, Gaoh reportedly killed the 1500 meter Regal Mammoth with a single attack.

Gaoh has incredible speed and agility, making it easily able to dodge the laser attacks from the Allied Forces. Its strength caused it to create a massive crater when Gaoh first attacked Terry with a jab from it's paw. The shockwave from this attack was still strong five kilometers away.
Gaoh hitting the ground

Gaoh demonstrating its immense strength.

Gaoh's mere movement created many craters when attacking Terry. It can produce incredibly powerful ranged attacks by swiping its paws to create dangerous air currents, tearing long strips into the earth. It also has very powerful jaws capable of gouging out huge chunks of solid earth with ease. Gaoh can attack at a massive speed using its front legs and claws and caused large scale destruction in the area where it was battling Toriko and Terry. It has great durability and was able to withstand Toriko's 30-Hit Nail Punch while taking little damage.

As FoodEdit


While the manga and anime never reveals if the meat of the Gaoh is edible, the game Toriko: Gourmet Battle shows that its tail is edible and can be cooked into a fine steak called "Gaoh Tail Steak" which can be served as a meat dish. Eating it can grant the consumer heightened strength and the ability to deal heavy blows.


Four Beast ArcEdit

Several hundred years ago, the Gaoh grew in the limbs of the Four Beast and was planted in the Gourmet World to enter the Human World to lead the humans into the center, to let the Four Beast eat them all. Gaoh entered the Human World from the east and caused natural disaster level damage; destroying entire locations like the Sandy Beach in the Cave, Baron Archipelago, 8th Biotope, and 1st Biotope.[1]When the Allied Army Forces launched an unprecedented bombardment against it, the Gaoh easily dodged satellite-mounted lasers and other artillery and bit through two 100 meter long, 100,000 ton Mammoth tanks. Only the arrival of Toriko and Terry Cloth caused the beast to pause it's rampage. It was greatly angered when the Battle Wolf looked away from it, and pounded the ground using a single paw with the force of a nuclear missile. It then tried to bite them whole, though all its attacks were avoided by Terry. They then got close and hit the beast with a 30-Hit Nail Punch to its stomach, which it endured. The Gaoh then slashed at them with its claws as they tried to get close to use the Measuring Tongs. Toriko shoots a Leg Knife that the Gaoh dodges. Toriko then uses his Flying Forks, which increased their numbers due to food honor. He then matches them altogether and they become Fork Cannon. Just then, the Gaoh is suddenly slashed and cut by Toriko's Leg Knife, which he could now control. Then, Toriko shoots his Fork Cannon, which is shot at the Gaoh and kills it.


Gaoh submission

Gaoh Submission

  • Created by Tokushima Prefecture Kawabata Toshiki (川端俊輝)


  1. Gourmet 194 - Goah's appearance.

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