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Japanese ガラナウナギ
Romanized Garanaunagi
Aliases Guarana Eel
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Type Fish
Capture Level 16
Length 6m
Weight 700kg
Price 100g / 12,000 yen
Habitat Rivers
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 54
Anime Episode 18
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Garana Eel (ガラナウナギ Garanaunagi) is an eel fish beast with an alcohol content of 65%. It is pickled for 2 full years in Shochu. These eels lay their eggs in the deep ocean, where they will hatch and the young eels will live. Upon reaching maturity, they travel into rivers. As the name would indicate, these eels are rich in caffeine and tannin, making them living energy drinks! When steeped in highly alcoholic shochu, Guarana Eel tastes similar to tiger testicles and amps up the body's blood circulation and perspiration production. It's also a popular treat on the summertime grill.


  • anime Garana Eel

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