Japanese 原ちゃん
Romanized Gen-chan
Location Unknown (Human World)
Affiliation Gen-chan
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 212 (mentioned)
Anime Episode 126 (mentioned)
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"Gen-chan" is a popular oden shop owned and named after its owner, the "Revolutionary Old Man of Stew" Gen-chan, one of the top 100 chefs in the world. It is in this shop where Gen-chan makes some of the best stew in the world and customers regularly make 20 kilometer-long lines in front of his shop just to get a chance to taste his soup.


Gen-chan's Main Dish Gen-chan Special Oden

Gen-chan Special Oden

Gen-chan mainly serves a wide variety of delicious soups, stews and boiled food, many of which are recipes that were originally created by the owner Gen-chan's ancestors (mainly his grandfather, his grandfather's grandfather, and his grandfather's grandfather's grandfather) and he has faithfully preserved their dishes for the modern age.

After the attack by the Gourmet Corp. and the fall of the Meteor Spice, it is unknown what became of chef Gen-chan but it is presumed he escaped to safety thanks to Pippi's "Hidden Room" bread. If so it is likely that his shop fell to the same fate as the rest of the restaurants in the Human World after the Meteor Spice destroyed much of the world's resources and thus was forced to sell Food Tablets until the food crisis could be resolved. After the mass distribution of Billion Birds, it is likely his shop was able to serve real food once again.


Gen-chan's Full Course Menu

Gen-chan's Full Course Menu

Known items on the menu:

  • Gen-chan Special Oden
  • Don Clam Grandpa Stew
  • Grandpa's Grandpa's Era Hodgepodges Soup
  • No-Sleep Octopus Boil
  • Autumn Colors Cattle Beef Sinew Stew
  • Otsumami Red Seaweed Salad
  • Snow Hanpen Red Bean Soup
  • Daiginjou "Gen"

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