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Giant Parasite
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Japanese ジャイアントパラサイト
Romanized Jaiantoparasaito
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Type Hybrid Beast
Capture Level 105
Length 19m
Weight 7t
Related Parasite Emperor
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 224
Anime Episode 137
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The Giant Parasite is a giant parasitic insect that was used by Tommyrod of the Gourmet Corp.. Tommy kept dozens of Giant Parasite eggs inside his body which proved to be a deadly force during the events of the Cooking Festival and they appeared to be a successor to his previous hybrid insect creation, the Parasite Emperor.


Giant Parasite height

It is an enormous creature with a grotesque appearance. Its body is combined with various insects. At the head, it has a shell with spikes sticking out, its left hand has a pincer claw while the right has spikes.


These creatures are completely obedient to Tommyrod and obey his every command. They are also incredibly hostile and attack any foe that stands before them.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Giant Parasite cuts hair small

The Giant Parasite has not shown much of its powers, but with a capture level of 105 it is considered to be powerful. Its pincer is strong enough to cut through Sunny's powerful hairs with ease.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

A couple of Giant Parasites were used by Tommyrod in the Cooking Stadium during the Gourmet Corp.'s invasion of the Cooking Festival. When Sunny tried to stop some of Tommyrod's lesser insects, Tommy released a Giant Parasite's claw from his mouth to cut Sunny's hair. The angered Sunny then prepared to fight Tommy's creatures, but when he let them loose Sunny quickly became disgusted by their appearance. The Giant Parasites proved formidable with their sharp claws which could even cut Sunny's hair. This forced Sunny to unleash his ultimate technique, Satan Hair which instantly devoured many of the Giant Parasites. Tommy, being disappointed that his insect beasts were not strong enough to kill Sunny, removed his strain springs and killed all his own Giant Parasites.


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