Giant Shell
Giant Shell
Japanese ジャイアントシェル
Romanized Jaianto Sheru
English Giant Shell
Aliases Clam King (貝王 Bai-Ō)
Race Unique shellfish
Age Unknown
Capture Level Over 4000
Status Alive
Height 10,000,000km
Professional Status
Affiliation Seven Beasts;
Blue Grill;
Occupation Guardian of Blue Grill
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 328
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Giant Shell (ジャイアントシェル Jaianto Sheru) is a monumentally colossal bivalve residing in the depths of Area 6 and it is the location of one of the Seven Civilizations, Blue Grill. Along with being the largest shellfish in the world, Giant Shell is also known as the Clam King (貝王 Bai-Ō) and is one of the powerful Seven Beasts who rule over Area 6 below "Whale King" Moon.


Giant Shell is a massive bivalve embedded in the earth deep in the depths of Area 6's Black Triangle. Its shell has numerous ridges and bumps, and it can slightly open itself up like a regular clam. It is a truly colossal being with an area 10 million kilometers long.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Its shell is likely very durable, able to resist immense pressure and protect Blue Grill from outsiders. Considering how old the Seven Civilizations are, Giant Shell is likely an ancient being. The Giant Shell is capable of creating its own unique and habitable ecosystems within its body, which allow for oxygen production and for all manner of lifeforms to reside and prosper within it, ranging from many kinds of humanoids, plants, animals and ingredients, and it even has its own "skies". Giant Shell is also capable of bioluminescence, allowing it to produce light within its own body which is basically indistinguishable from daylight, and spreads warmth and light to all of Blue Grill, and its light even goes off around nightfall, allowing for Blue Grill to even have its own night. Furthermore, being a living Back Channel, Giant Shell, in turn, has the native ability of being immune to Whale King Moon's power.

Due to the idea of the Warp kitchen, time inside the shell is not equal to the time on the outside. Because of this, 1 day outside is 60 days inside the shell equating to a ratio of 1:60.



When Jiji and the Four Heavenly Kings' Support Group finally reach the depths of the Black Triangle, they arrive at the site of Giant Shell, the location of Blue Grill, and are absolutely astonished by its enormous size, which they could not even see entirely.


  • Its area size is big enough to cover the United States of America.

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