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Several Giraffebirds
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese ジュラフバード
Romanized Jurafubādo
English Giraffebird
Aliases Giraffe Bird (dub)
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Mammal
Capture Level 90
Height 120m
Weight 400t
Diet Omnivorous
Habitat Unknown (likely created in the 1st Biotope)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 216
Anime Episode 124
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Giraffebirds (ジュラフバード Jurafubādo) are an artificially created species of gigantic giraffes with wings that are hybrid clones created by combining the DNA of a herbivorous species with excellent wariness and sense of smell, with the DNA of numerous species of carnivores that boast incredible fighting ability.


Giraffebird 1

Full view of several Giraffebirds.

Giraffebirds, as their name clearly indicates, are a gigantic species of giraffe that are of incredible height and have large, white, feathery wings on their backs, however most of their height comes from their incredibly long neck and legs. Due to their carnivorous DNA, they sport sharp teeth and incisors. They also sport a large spiral horn on their forehead like a unicorn.

When in its Carnivore Mode, it can grow the heads of carnivorous creatures of different species from its neck, each new head resembling either an ape, a tiger, a lion, a dragon or other kinds of creatures.

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Giraffebirds appear to be harmless unless provoked and are extremely alert to danger. When a threat is near they will roar to signal the start of a battle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Giraffebird sensing danger

A Giraffebird sensing danger.

Due to their source DNA, they posses the alert instincts and keen sense of smell of a herbivore and the strength and combat abilities of a powerful carnivore. Their sense of smell is so strong that it allows them to know when "ruffians" (potential threats) are near. Despite their strength and keen senses, they are no match against powerful threats when they are in their normal herbivorous state.

Carnivore ModeEdit

Giraffebirds regrow their heads small

Carnivore Mode activated.

However, the Giraffebird has a Carnivore Mode (肉食モード Nikushoku Mōdo) (due to its carnivore DNA) that becomes active after it receives a fatal wound (such as having its head cut off) after which it will grow one or two heads of different carnivorous species that are far more fierce and powerful than its normal head, and once fully grown, its heads will go into a vicious rage that allows it to destroy powerful foes with ease and even summon forth the power of Appetite Energy by spitting energy bolts to kill its enemies, showing that its hidden power is something to truly be feared.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Giraffebirds beheaded small

Giraffebirds beheaded.

Giraffebirds are first seen in Biotope 1, being calmed by Rin's fragrances while Mansam prepares their departure with Shigematsu.

Mansam and Rin are later seen escorting dozens of Giraffebirds across the sea to Cooking Island to be used as protection should the Gourmet Corp. appear.[1] Meanwhile, as the Gourmet Corp.'s army of beasts approaches Cooking Island, the Giraffebirds quickly become aware of their presence and take an aggressive stance. However, before they can even react, all the Giraffebirds are beheaded in an instant[2] by the fast attack of the Gourmet Corp.'s cloaked GT Robos. When they lost their heads, they instantly went into their Carnivore Mode and grew new monstrous heads which proceed to destroy the GT Robos that attacked them by blasting them out of the sky with their energy blasts.[3]

Throughout the brutal battle between the Gourmet Corp. and the IGO, the Giraffebirds continue to fend off the GT Robos and Scum Beasts that try to enter Cooking Island as best they can with their energy attacks while Mansam and Rin aid them by also forcing back Gourmet Corp. subordinates and the traitorous Shigematsu. After a lengthy and brutal battle, a shower of Meteor Spice looms over the skies as it threatens to destroy the Human World, luckily many Giraffebirds are still alive and with the aid of Rikky, Rin and the IGO, they are taken to as many inhabited areas as possible to protect them from the falling Meteor Spice. After the fall, it is unknown how many Giraffebirds are left within the IGO.


Giraffebird Submission

Giraffebird Submission

  • They were the work of Natsume Ryūto-san from Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.


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