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Japanese 氷河ウツボ
Romanized Hyōga Utsubo
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Type Fish
Capture Level 30
Diet Carnivore
Habitat Seas of Ice Hell
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 69
Anime Episode 25
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The Glacier Moray is a giant sea serpent residing in the waters near Ice Hell that attacks any ship that goes near it. It has a fearsome appearance and appears to be quite strong.


It is a giant serpent-like moray eel with a very long body. It has a pale-colored underbelly and dark-colored back covered in numerous stripe markings. It has a long crocodilian or dragon-like head that resembles that of the Tundra Dragon with the exception that it lacks the horns on its nose that the Tundra Dragon has.


It is a hostile creature that will attack large ships that enter the sea regions around Ice Hell without mercy. Whether it does this to eat the passengers or due to it being territorial is not specified.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Glacier Moray is a giant and mighty creature easily capable of withstanding gun shots, explosives and attacks from many Great Legs and Gourmet Hunters. As such it is classified with a capture level of 30. While its full abilities are not shown, many gourmet hunters (including Toriko and Takimaru) were seen slightly roughed up and tired after encountering it.

In the anime it is nowhere near as strong as in the manga, as it is easily taken out by Toriko's Nail Punch.


Century Soup ArcEdit


The Glacier Moray invades the barge.

The Glacier Moray is first seen after Colonel Mokkoi's barge was assaulted by a pack of Great Legs and was approaching Ice Hell. Upon reaching the seas near Ice Hell, the Glacier Moray surfaced from the water and began attacking the barge, much to Komatsu's shock. Toriko and Takimaru, along with many gourmet hunters and even the Great Legs began attacking it with all they had. Eventually, they were able to either kill or subdue it during an unseen battle and the barge managed to reach Ice Hell at last, although many gourmet hunters appeared somewhat wounded and drained of stamina due to the encounter, including Toriko and his group.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the manga, its defeat was not shown, while in the anime, Toriko is shown easily defeating it with a 3-Hit Nail Punch.
  • In the anime, its head does not resembles that of a Tundra Dragon's, having a shorter snout and smaller face, and it also has a shorter body overall.
  • In the anime, it is not as large or as strong as in the manga where it was easily half the size of the barge and numerous attacks on its body from both explosions and Grand Sharks did not phase it.
  • Its name and capture level is not mentioned in the anime nor the manga, having only been mentioned in Toriko: Gourmet Battle.[1]

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Toriko: Gourmet BattleEdit

The Glacier Moray appears in Toriko: Gourmet Battle as a beast that can be fought and encountered near Ice Hell. This game is the only instance where the Glacier Moray's name and stats are revealed. The game's statistics classify it as a "Power" class beast with an "R" level rarity and an Attack of 3147 and Defense of 4171. Its primary skill is marked as "Mighty Shield". It also has a cost of 11.



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