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Glass Bee
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Japanese グラースビー
Romanized Gurāsubī
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Type Insect
Capture Level 35
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 85
Anime Episode 33
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Glass Bees are deadly insects with powerful stingers. Several of these insects were produced by Tommyrod.


Glass Bees are quite large for bees, easily around the size of a human's head. They are yellow creatures with black stripes along their large abdomens, along with red eyes and black pincers and antennas. Its abdomen seems to make up the majority of its body, with its thorax being incredibly small and covered in white fur and having six legs.


This creature's behavior in the wild is unknown, but those produced by Tommyrod were shown to be quite hostile.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Glass Bee Sting

A Glass Bee sting.

The Glass Bee possesses a powerful stinger that can inject a dangerous toxin into living beings. The stung area becomes a very large and bloated welt.


Century Soup ArcEdit

During Toriko's fierce battle with Tommyrod, Tommyrod unleashed hundreds of Glass Bees along with many other of his insects to attack Toriko. One of these Glass Bees managed to sting Toriko, leaving behind a large welt before he cut the bee to pieces. Many more were then released by Tommyrod along with some Jungle Stag Beetles.



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