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Golden Cookware
Japanese 金の調理器具
Romanized Kin no Chōrikigu
English Golden Cookware
Owner Joie,
Five 10-Shell Cooks,
Gourmet Nobility,
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 328
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The Golden Cookware (金の調理器具 Kin no Chōrikigu) are seven special cooking implements that were used to cook all the ingredients of the world and are the only tools that can handle Spirit Food (霊食 Reishoku).



These items can be used continuously for thousands of years because they are made from special "savoriness mineral" (旨みの鉱物 umami no kōbutsu), a material formed from ANOTHER nesting in animals and its savoriness affecting those animals.[1]

They also can be made from Golden Material (金の素材 Kin no Sozai)[2] or Gourmet Material (グルメマテリアル Gurume Materiaru),[3] which are created by the explosions of ripe planets.[4]

The pieces cannot be broken, except by another golden tool[5] or extreme brute force.[2]


  • The Kitchen Knife (包丁 Hōchō) is made from the teeth of "Shark King" Raizame.
  • The Pot ( Nabe) is made from the rocks of "Turtle King" Pandora.
  • The Chopping Board (まな板 Manaita) is made from the body of "Coral King" Corgolem.
  • The Frying Pan (フライパン Furaipan) is made from the scales of "Scale King" Atlantis.
  • The Ladle (おたま Otama) is made from the leg of "Octopus King" Yamatako Orochi.
  • The Apron (エプロン Epuron) is made from the skin of "Sea King" Ocean.
  • The Spatula (フライ返し Furaigaeshi) is made from the shell of "Clam King" Giant Shell.

Other ToolsEdit

  • The Plates ( Sara) are sharp-edged and Alfaro uses a set of them as weapons.[6]
  • The Can (缶詰 Kanazume) is used to seal away particularly destructive ingredients or beings. The Gourmet Nobility plan to seal Neo in one and prevent it from resurrecting,[7] an Ougai was sealed in another,[8] and Joie seals Midora into one.[9]
  • The Hammer (ハンマー Hanmā) and Foundation (土台 Dodai) are used to shape materials.[10]
  • The Can Opener (缶切り Kankiri), crafted by Melk the Second, is used to open a sealed Golden Can.[11]
  • The Thread ( Ito) is used for binding.[12]
  • A Corkscrew is used by NEWS.[13]
  • Fillet Knives are used by GOD and ANOTHER.[13]
  • Two Peels are used by EARTH.[13]
  • Knives with guards and curved tips are used by ATOM.[13]



Teppei questions Zaus about the Golden Cookware Joie has been using.[14]

In preparation for heading into the World of Souls and cooking ANOTHER, the human chefs had to recreate the Golden Cookware. The Gourmet Knights volunteered to collect the materials; Kuriboh crafted the pot, frying pan, and chopping board; Melk the Second sharpened the knife and crafted the ladle and spatula; Pukin crafted the apron. With the help of the Five 10-Shell Cooks, they managed to make enough Golden Cookware for the Human World chefs and the 10-Shell Five, who all donned them before entering the Soul World.[15][16]

Komatsu had Melk craft a can opener from some left over material so he could open a Golden Can that they found in Gold Swamp.[17] When Komatsu opens the can, an Ougai is revealed to be inside.[18]

Once they decide to cook Jiro, the Gourmet Nobility reveal an assortment of Golden Cookware.[13]

Joie seals Midora within a Golden Can.[19]

GOD ArcEdit

Joie uses a Golden Chopping Board to block one of Zebra's attacks.[20] Within NEO's Ark, which has an engine made from the material, Joies has collected a large stockpile of various utensils, some of which Nakaume takes to cook GOD.[21]

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