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Golden Wheat GC
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Japanese 金色小麦 (こんじきこむぎ)
Romanized Konjiki komugi
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Type Grain
Capture Level Unknown
Location Golden Wheat Island
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 112
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The Golden Wheat (金色小麦 (こんじきこむぎ) Konjiki komugi) is a super special preparation ingredient needed for the Zenmen. It has a natural and high golden shine so bright that makes you feel you will get a suntan; it is even brighter than the Jewel Meat or the Shining Gourami.

It grows on a certain island in a region of an ocean. Its shine probably comes because of the carotene it contains. The fact that its brightness is so high makes it a hard ingredient to capture, but it can be easily blocked if sunglasses are worn.