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Golden Wheat Arc
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Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Golden Wheat Arc
Chapters: None (anime only)
Episodes: Episode 112 - Episode 113
Description: Toriko is sent on an important task once again, but comes into conflict with the Gourmet Corp.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Bubble Fruit Arc
Followed by: Movie 2 and Four Beast Arc

The Golden Wheat Arc is an anime-only filler arc in which Toriko and Komatsu are sent on an important request by Setsuno to collect the precious Golden Wheat. However this task proves difficult as Toriko is forced to fight the Gourmet Corp.'s latest and most powerful GT Robo Model.

This arc occurs prior to the events of Toriko the Movie: Bishokushin's Special Menu and acts as a prologue to the film.


While visiting Komatsu and Toriko at Hotel GourmetSetsuno deduces that both of them have mastered  Food Honor and are able to help her with something she wants completed. Every year, Setsuno opens her mobile store for a limited time to sell her famous Zenmen, a special noodle which has the taste of every noodle, also known as the "Phantasmal Noodles". In order to make the noodles, the Golden Wheat is required. So with Tom, Toriko and Komatsu set off to the island where the Golden Wheat is grown. They have a surprisingly smooth journey and capture of the Golden Wheat, until Gourmet Corp. Branch Chief Yu appears in a new model GT Robo and attacks Toriko, although his original intention was to capture the Infini Bee, which is said to lead to a dish from Acacia's Full Course Menu. But because of the Golden Wheat's blinding shine, it is difficult for Yuu to get a visual on the Infini Bee, leading him to blow apart a portion of Golden Wheat at Toriko's contempt. As Toriko and Yuu are evenly matched, Yuu severely underestimates Toriko and asks Joejoe to bring the Robo's power to its fullest extent. Using the Robo's speed and camouflage, Yuu attempts to strike Toriko down, but with his training and mastery of Food Honor, Toriko states that he was holding back because Komatsu was in the area, collecting the Golden Wheat, and if they clashed seriously, the entire field of wheat may be blown away. As the Robo fails due to over maximizing and Toriko's minor reflecting, Yuu finally finds the Infini Bee, flying after Komatsu because of his talent to hear the Voice of Ingredients. He quickly captures the bee and vanishes with camouflage, leaving Komatsu unharmed. With the Golden Wheat, Komatsu and Toriko quickly return to Setsuno, who expresses shock at learning that the Gourmet Corp. appeared. As they discussed the matter, Komatsu prepares the Golden Wheat to be made into Zenmen, the phantasmal noodles. He begins by cutting the chaffs of the wheat using his Melk Knife and meticulously sifts the wheat by shaking it 3 times per second, a feat that is unachievable without Food Honor. As Komatsu makes the dough by pouring 100 litres of Air Aqua into the bone-dry Golden Wheat, he kneads it for 3 days and 3 nights straight before creating the batter to be made into Zenmen. As Komatsu prepares to open in the morning at the Zenmen Shop, he realised that Zenmen can really be made into any type of noodle. He begins by making udon, and using Century Soup, he creates spaghetti which brings the characteristic "daudy face" to all the consumers. He then creates Suntan Noodles with different spices, all of which are Special Preparation Ingredients, for a drained Tom, who immediately gains enough energy to start his work. Then, as more customers show up to the shop, he makes nagashi soumen, yakisoba with Mors Oil, ramen and more. At the end of the day, when the Zenmen Shop closes, Setsuno reveals to Komatsu that the difficulty in preparing the Zenmen is equal to preparing the Bubble Fruit, a fact which shocks Komatsu. As Nono arrives to pick up Setsuno, Teppei is seen nearby, expressing delight that Toriko and Komatsu have finally learned Food Honor, to which Setsuno corrects him, saying that they are not the only ones who mastered Food Honor, indicating that the rest of the Heavenly Kings have.








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