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Japanese ゴリニラ
Romanized Gorinira
English Gori Scallion
Aliases Gori Leeks
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Type Vegetable
Capture Level Less than 1 (in the wild)
Location Fields (can also be artificially cultivated)
Height 50-70cm
Weight 200g per bunch
Price 1,000 yen per bunch
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 67
Anime Episode 24
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The Gori Scallion (ゴリニラ Gorinira) is an amazing ingredient well known for its difficult and arduous special preparation.


Cooking MethodEdit

When cut, the severed ends of this perennial grass are so sticky that you have to slice them hundreds of times to truly separate them. It is not only a matter of strong slicing, but precision as the cuts must be made in the exact same spot. Otherwise, the injured fibers become bitter and the food is no longer fit for consumption. This food demands the precise and accurate wielding of a knife.

Medical UseEdit

Gori Scallions seem to have healing properties and can be used to seal wounds.[1]


Century Soup ArcEdit

Setsuno kept many Gori Scallions in the underground kitchen beneath her dining hall. Upon seeing them, Komatsu quickly recognized this amazing ingredient while noting the difficulty of preparing it.[2]

Barrygamon is revealed to have Gori Scallions implanted in his tissues, and they help close up his wounds from Match.[1]



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