Gorilla Taurus
Goritaurus True Form
Japanese ゴリタウルス
Romanized Goritaurusu
English Gorilla Taurus, Goritaurus
Aliases Master (師範 Shihan)
Gender Male Male
Capture Level 1405
Status Alive
Height 4,000m
Weight 30,000,000,000t
Professional Status
Affiliation Bambina,
North Mountain Area
Occupation Monkey Master
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 297
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Gorilla Taurus (ゴリタウルス Goritaurusu) is a gigantic gorilla and one of the four Enbu Masters serving the "Monkey King" Bambina. As a Master, Gorilla Taurus was granted complete control over the North Mountain Area of Area 7. It thus has the power to compel the region's inhabitants to abide by its authoritarian rules regarding predation, all to keep itself at the top of the food chain.


Toriko 299 Goritaurus

Full view of Gorilla Taurus.

Gorilla Taurus color

Gorilla Taurus color

Gorilla Taurus' primary form is gigantic and incredibly obese, with the profile of a huge mountain. Barely resembling an ape, this form's head is completely hairless and covered in bulging veins. Its (relatively) tiny, perfectly round mouth and eyes lend its face an ominous blank expression. The beast's vast lower body is shrouded thickly in fur.

When this form is heavily damaged and unable to regenerate, Gorilla Taurus triggers a drastic transformation into its more combat-capable true form. In this second state it appears more simian, resembling a truly fearsome gorilla with huge fangs and impressive musculature. The previous form's furred lower body is revealed to be a sort of kilt separating the upper body from a six-legged, tailed, centaur-like lower half. These legs are patterned with stripes of fur resembling a tiger's coat.


Gorilla Taurus is a selfish and gluttonous being who cares for nothing but sating his own appetite and increasing his personal power. He uses his position as an Enbu Master and Instructor to force all the creatures under his jurisdiction to eat as little as possible so that he may keep all of the food for himself, and is gladly willing to let them starve. If his underlings break his law, he deals a heavy penalty, forcing them to commit suicide by crushing their hearts and smashing their heads to the ground. Gorilla Taurus' selfishness is so great that he confronted the Heavenly Kings himself simply for giving some food to a starving Iai-Aye.

After having been spared by the Heavenly Kings and shown the error of its ways by Toriko, Gorilla Taurus became a more fair and gleeful ape leader, as shown when it went to congratulate the Heavenly Kings for acquiring PAIR and showed no hostility to the smaller apes who traveled with him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Master of the Martial Art of Enbu, Gorilla Taurus is one of the most powerful warriors in Area 7 below Bambina himself. He has complete authority over the region of Area 7 which he rules and can command all of its inhabitants to do his bidding, even commit suicide. It has an immense Capture Level of 1405, showing its immense power and authority within its lands. When it first appears, it gives off such pressure that the Four Heavenly Kings mistake it for Bambina.


Mountain Split

Gorilla Taurus has the ability to form a "fake" body around himself that can act as a decoy to keep his real body from harm. This decoy body can take damage and regenerate if damaged unless poisoned. His full combat capabilities when using this decoy is uncertain. In his true form, Gorilla Taurus has tremendous power and speed and can even use Appetite Energy, showing its status as a mighty predator. Gorilla Taurus' body is also very adaptable and can create antibodies to dangerous poisons in mere moments. His skills in Enbu are truly that of a master and knows a wide variety of techniques with which to combat opponents. Despite his great power and ranking only below Bambina, Toriko has stated that Gorilla Taurus is nowhere near as strong as an actual member of the Eight Kings.


  • Strike Flow (打撃流し Nageki Nagashi): A technique meant to deflect and twist an oncoming attack.
  • Mountain Split (山割り Yama Wari): Gorilla Taurus hits the ground with such intense force that it creates a giant fissure.


PAIR ArcEdit

After the Four Heavenly Kings arrived in Area 7, they were confronted by a large group of monkeys and forced into battle, however all of the monkeys suddenly stopped their attack when they realized that Gorilla Taurus had become aware of the situation and confronted them all. The reason for this was that the monkeys had confronted the Heavenly Kings without his permission due to their desperate level of hunger. Regardless, Gorilla Taurus did not care and banished his minions to the area near Pot Mountain and commanded them to commit suicide by bashing their heads into the ground.

The bodies of the dead monkeys were later found by the Four Heavenly Kings who were horrified at the sight. Toriko then saw a frightened Iai-Aye who had been allowed to live in exchange for attacking the Heavenly Kings. Toriko decided to use the pollen of the Sandoriko flower on the Iai-Aye in order to weaken it, and after giving it medicine he offered it some meat which the monkey tearfully accepted, however Gorilla Taurus had become aware of this and immediately arrived to their location and was prepared to kill them all for their generosity.

Zebra launches the first attack, splitting Gorilla Taurus in half. However, before it could recover, Toriko and Coco attack the monkey with Flying Fork and Poison Drip which caused the giant ape to emerge in its true form and take their fight seriously. The powerful Gorilla Taurus unleashed numerous powerful attacks, but once Zebra and Sunny began fight, the battle began to lean in their favor and they were eventually able to defeat the Gorilla Taurus. With the Gorilla Taurus now defeated, Toriko decided to spare it on the condition that it allow all the other monkeys to eat freely again. Bambina then sensed his defeat, but paid no attention to it, preferring to continue with its games.

After PAIR is finally acquired by the Heavenly Kings, many of their monkey allies, including the reformed Gorilla Taurus, appear on 100G Mountain to congratulate them. The Kings and the monkeys then descend the mountain on Bambina's Flying Nimbutt and head for the Birth Cry Tree, where they are happily greeted by a gigantic gathering of now happy and free monkeys.[1]


  • The Gorilla Taurus is the work of a fan from Osaka.
  • His name is a combination of "Gorilla" and "Centaurus" (the father of all Centaurs); however, rather than having the lower body of a horse, he has the lower body of a six-legged tiger.
  • Although his type and capture level are listed, his species is never mentioned, suggesting that his name may be his species name.


  1. Gourmet 319

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