Foreign Body!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 13
Gourmet: 109
Japanese Title: 異物!!
Story Arc: Ozone Herb Arc
Romanized Title: Ibutsu!!
Viz Title: Alien Creature!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 6, 2010
WSJ Issue: Issue 40-2010
Episodes: Episode 48
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Short SummaryEdit

The unknown creature seems to be extremely fast and strong ,as he eats the ozone herb by himself. Toriko informs Ichiryuu about it but the experienced president just ignores it.

Long SummaryEdit

The unknown creature seems to be extremly fast and strong, as he eats the ozone herb at an incredible speed which requires two people to eat it at the same time.It looks like a GT Robot but as toriko states that it is a wild beast and not a GT Robot. It also seems that it is from the Gourmet World rather than the Human World, as Toriko implies. The IGO President also seems to know something about it, as when Toriko tells him about it he is surprised and later stating "so they came into the human world after all".

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