Versus! The Serpent of Devil
Chapter 12
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Gourmet: 12
Japanese Title: 対決!デビル大蛇!!
Story Arc: Puffer Whale Arc
Romanized Title: Taiketsu! Daberu Orochi!!
Viz Title: Showdown with the Devil Python!!
Total Pages: 22
Year Released: August 4, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 36-2008
Episodes: Episode 5
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Coco join forces against the Serpent of the Devil. Meanwhile, Komatsu has been kidnaped by an unknown Bishokuya.

Long SummaryEdit

The battle against the Devil Serpent starts. After giving a horrible scream, the Serpent withdraws his hand into his body and shoots it, catching Toriko with unbelievable speed smashing him into a stone wall. Then the Serpent vomits out his digestive acids towards Coco but he avoids the incoming attack. The Devil Serpent then shifts his attention to Toriko and prepares another attack with his digestive acids. Toriko powers out of the grip and slashes the claw off with his Knife. The arm regenerates with little effort and attacks Toriko again, greatly surprising the pair. Coco then monologues about how Toriko can't fight well in the dark because he relies on his smell and that the Serpent of the Devil has Pit Organs to help it. Coco then suggests that Toriko should get Komatsu because he can smell him, but Toriko rejects this saying that Komatsu has already made his resolve coming here. When Coco complains, Toriko figures out that Coco could see a death omen on Komatsu. Toriko then asks if Coco could see a death omen on the Devil's Serpent. Coco tells him that he can't and Toriko tells him that he couldn’t take it on his own. The focus shifts briefly towards the Bishokuya who kidnaped Komatsu and he says that he will go to the Beach in the Cave through another route and use Komatsu as bait for monsters. The focus changes back to the Heavenly Kings, who both use their intimidations. This doesn't work and the Devil Serpent withdraws many of his claws and shoots them at Toriko, but he dodges them and slashes at the body. The Devil Serpent then compresses his skin to harden it and reduces dramatically the damage. The Devil Serpent attacks Toriko again but he avoids it. Coco then prepares and fires a Poison Cannon at The Devil Serpent. It avoids the attack and spits poison from his hair back at Coco. The pair then regroups and Toriko asks Coco to stop its movements so he can use his Five Hit Nail Punch. The two then prepare to execute this strategy, with Coco challenging the Serpent to see whose poison is more toxic.


  • Unkown Bishoku-ya

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