Komatsu Dies
Chapter 14
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Gourmet: 14
Japanese Title: 小松、死す!!
Story Arc: Puffer Whale Arc
Romanized Title: Komatsu, Shisu!!
Viz Title: Komatsu's Death?!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: August 25, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 39-2008
Episodes: Episode 6
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Short SummaryEdit

Komatsu, in a hurry, uses the Toriko Cracker Toriko gave him, which causes his death. He was resuscitated by an old Gourmet Hunter named Jiro. Toriko, Coco and Komatsu and they finally reach the beach in the cave.

Long SummaryEdit

The scene opens with kidnapper throwing Komatsu as a Devil Python's meat, so that he can avoid the obstacles and enter to capture the Puffer whale, but the Devil Python killed the kidnapper making his plan unsuccessful. Toriko and coco tend to rescue Komatsu as soon as possible. Toriko reveals that he gave him secret weapon "Toriko Cracker" to tackle any attacks towards him. Komatsu rings the cracker to avoid the danger caught by various beasts surrounding him. After ringing the cracker he falls on the ground with his heartbeat, which no longer beats.

After the incident of Komatsu death, an old man from the station, who owns sake from Komatsu and Toriko, appears in front of him. He confronts with Devil Python easily defeating him to the very end in seconds. He takes out materials saying he owe for the sake given by them. At exchange he says that he can only give him the life he had lost.

Toriko and Coco engages to rescue Komatsu. Toriko reveals that he forgot to say Komatsu about ear plugs, else he would also be affected for cracker.

Toriko and Coco run towards Komatsu and find themselves relaxed when they have seen Komatsu being alive. After that Komatsu reveals that an old man saved him, coco analyses him as Knocking master Jiro.

Then, after Komatsu being safe, Team Toriko heads towards the puffer whale, finally reaching Cavern Lagoon.



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