Puffer Whale, Captured
Chapter 16
Chapter Info
Volume: 2
Gourmet: 16
Japanese Title: フグ鯨、捕獲!!
Story Arc: Puffer Whale Arc
Romanized Title: Hugu Kujira, Hokaku!!
Viz Title: You're Mine, Puffer Whale!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 8, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 41-2008
Episodes: Episode 6
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Coco successfully capture the Puffer Whales. Komatsu strugles with preparing the ingredient. Meanwhile, a threatning presence approaches the gang.

Long SummaryEdit

Toriko is surprised when he sees Coco disguise his presence. Komatsu runs out of breath and runs out of breath, prompting him to go above water, as Coco uses his Knocking gun to weaken the Puffer Whale. He also analyses the whales to see whether there is poison within them. Coco catches one Puffer Whale, while Toriko is surprised to see the way he analysed the Puffer Whale.

Coco later senses a wild aura and notices Toriko erasing his presence with Coco's same technique merely by copying his. After erasing his presence, he manages to capture a puffer whale using his own techniques. He used knocking on one Puffer Whale by use of his finger, at an oblique of 45 degree from the gill of Puffer Whale, but he failed due to the poison sack unfortunately being located under the knocked point. 

Komatsu, who had already given up on remaining underwater, waits for Coco and Toriko on shore. After they come back on shore, they bring ten successfully knocked and captured Puffer Whales along with them. Coco then gets ready to cut the Puffer Whale. At the end a mysterious being from sandy beach is shown to be approaching. 



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