Meteor Garlic!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 18
Gourmet: 160
Japanese Title: メテオガーリック!!
Story Arc: Meteor Garlic Arc
Romanized Title: Meteo Gārikku!!
Viz Title: Meteor Garlic!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 10, 2011
WSJ Issue: Issue 44-2011
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Anime vs MangaEdit

  • The scene where the little boy is nearly run over by the train, but saved by the Gourmet Yakuza.

Manga - The boy has eaten a Electric Banana and is experiencing its narcotic prowess and is oblivious to his surroundings, much less the oncoming train.

Anime - The boy lunges at some Electric Bananas that are on the floor in front of him, and is so hungry that he does not notice that he is crossing the path of an oncoming train.

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