Puffer Fish whale, Real Food
Chapter 17
Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Gourmet: 17
Japanese Title: フグ鯨、実食!!
Story Arc: Puffer Whale Arc
Romanized Title: Hugu Kujira, Jit Shoku!!
Viz Title: A Taste of Poison!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: September 15, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 42-2008
Episodes: Episode 6
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Coco find the Puffer Whale and Komatsu removes the poison sack, allowing them to eat it. Later, a GT Robo walks by them with a very threatening presence.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter opens with Coco slicing Puffer Whales. There are three failures in sequence with only 7 Puffer Whales remaining. Toriko fishes in an attempt to keep his cool after witnessing the rapid onset of failure. Coco slices Puffer Whale like taking a piece from Jenja tower. Coco works in such a way that the poison sack hidden inside is taken out without breaking, rendering the Puffer Whale safe for consumption. 

Coco offers Komatsu to handle the slicing work. He guides Komatsu in the proper method to slicing the Puffer Whale. Due to Komatsu's skill as a chef, he is able to learn quickly, albeit more failures. After a short period of time, Komatsu was able to master the procedure and successfully remove the poison sacks successfully, as Toriko expresses his joy on taking Komatsu along with him. Komatsu describes the intricate anatomy of the Puffer Whale in astonishment, surprised at its "weight". Toriko then proceeds to taste the Puffer Whale, which immediately revitalizes his energy. He describes it as having an endless deliciousness factor, with an enormous taste and an endless bliss that remains even after consuming the meat. Suddenly, a GT Robo swims out of the lake, instantly alarming Coco and Toriko, though exits soon after, seemingly unwilling to fight. The chapter ends with the appearance of the GT Robo leaving everyone in a tight situation. 




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