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The Power of Food Honor!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 21
Gourmet: 183
Japanese Title: 食義の実力!!
Story Arc: Bubble Fruit Arc
Romanized Title: Shokugi no Jitsuryoku!!
Viz Title: The Power of Honoring the Food!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: April 16, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 20-2012
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Quick Summary[]

Toriko and Komatsu battle against Shuu in order to test their skills against him.

Long Summary[]

At the battle arena, Toriko ridicules Shuu for challenging him. Shuu explains the rule that if the one who says he gives up, loses. Toriko agrees with the condition, while the two are ready for their fight, Komatsu watches them and wonders how this came to be. Shuu tells Komatsu that after the battle he is going to fight Komatsu next, which surprises the latter. Toriko wonders what kind of match that will be and rushes forward with blinding speed. Shuu is startled to see Toriko's speed, but evades the blow. Toriko tries to hit Shuu, but the former evades every attack and jumps away from him. Toriko praises his delicate and soft agility. Just what he expected from the assistant of the master. Shuu tells Toriko that he can come full seriousness and doesn't need to worry about consequences. Toriko complies with it and prepares his "weapons". He launches a flying Fork towards Shuu, but evades it. Toriko appears in front of Shuu and attacks with Knife, but Shuu jumps up evading the blow. Toriko then launches a rapid fire type Flying Forks in to the air, but Shuu evades them all. Toriko is surprised by this feat and does his Leg Knife, Shuu dodged the blow again and the attack of Toriko destroyed a section of the battle arena. Shuu lands on a ground and tells him if he was hit, he would be knocked out. Toriko praises the agility of Shuu, but chides him that he won't win by running away. Shuu then shows hand in a petty knife gesture and tells him that he was attacking. Toriko's undershirt then crumbles in cuts, which startles him. Suu explains that his knife has no power and not very sharp and that it's not suited for battle. Toriko then notices that facial hair has been cut. Shuu tells him that the petty knife can clothing fabric and fine hair. Toriko wonders how Shuu got so close to him when he was attacking him and that the knife didn't hit his skin. Toriko even though the oppenent was far weaker realized for the first time that he sensed an unreachable yet-unknown domain and that all those delicate movement came from food honor. Shuu then asks if they should continue match until the words give up are heared, Toriko agrees with it.

Later the whole battle arena is destroyed with a heavily breathed Toriko sweating, while Shuu stands in front of him without losing any breath. Shuu wants to teach Toriko the Food Honor as soon possible, Toriko wonders how the former didn't lose breath and if it is because of Food Honor. Shuu tells him it is because of that and explains that Toriko didn't master Food Honor for that's why he couldn't defeat him. Toriko thought that Food Honor was only a mental concept, Shuu explains that it is but it can be combined in technical ways. He tells him that Toriko has a lot of useless movement and expires a lot of energy and with the training of Food Honor his energy consumption could be used by 1/20 and his pyshical prowess would increase too. Toriko agrees that he expires a lot of energy, Shuu asks if Toriko admits defeat and that the first step is of training. Toriko gives up and that he will have a re-match against Shuu after mastering Food Honor, Shuu complies with it. Toriko is starving and asks for food. Komatsu is amazed that Toriko lost a fight and is then called by Shuu who challenges him for a meal preparation match. In the temple, Shuu explains that they will julienne a head of cabbage in a speed competition, Komatsu tells him that he can cut up one head of cabbage in less than a minute. Shuu finds it remarkable and bet that the loser won't get a meal. Toriko cheers for Komatsu to win, Komatsu shouts with confidence that he will avenge him, which startles Toriko. Komatsu then takes his Melk Knife, which surprises Shuu. The two of them start the competition and within seconds Shuu won the match. Komatsu is surprised by Shuu's speed and Shuu tells Komatsu that he also has useless movements. Toriko then begs that he can take anything away except the meal. Shuu prepares a bowl of beans, which Toriko will eat with 5 meter long chopsticks which is hard for Toriko to do. Shuu proclaims that the training has begun.

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