Food Immersion!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 21
Gourmet: 186
Japanese Title: 食没!!
Story Arc: Bubble Fruit Arc
Romanized Title: Shokubotsu!!
Viz Title: Food's End!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: May 14, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 24-2012
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Toriko and Master Chin are still walking on the Bubble Way, while the Assistant Masters of the Shokurin Temple sense that enemies are coming. Chin discusses with Toriko about the fundamentals of "Food Immersion". Suddenly, Master Chiyo arrives together with Ootake and a Golem at the temple. At the end Toriko is dying and he deeply appreciates the food that have become part of him, which makes several Bubble Fruits appear floating around him.

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter starts with seeing Toriko irritated that he was still walking the long Bubble Way and could not even catch up to Master Chin Chinchin . Meanwhile at the Shokurin Temple Shuu, Koppowo, Wagon and the other Assistant Masters are disscusing that the whole forest of Ongyoujyu Tree are dissapearing. They came to a conclusion to face the enemy until the arrival of the Master which is on the Bubble Way.

Toriko then asked Master Chin Chinchin on how long and how far but the he replied with ease that the will get there eventually. While Toriko is thinking on how long they had walked and how long will they walk. He also is shown sweating and losing calories because there were no food along the way. It was narrated that he has lost 50kgs. already. He questioned Master Chin Chinchin on how many people had succeeded on getting the Bubble Fruit . He was amazed that Aimaru the leader of the Gourmet Knights was the last one who did it. And when Toriko lost 100kgs and still has no answer Master Chin Chinchin gave him the answer. It was said that the master nearly weighs 1 Ton which Toriko was surprised and had a flashback of how the Ehou Maki was cut.

"Food Immersion" which is the secret technique used to store an equivalent of 1 month of food on the body. Thus they can live without eating or drinking for a whole month. And can only be activated when one trully appreciates food whatever happen. And was hinted that the treasure will only show itself when Toriko learns Food Immersion.

Komatsu on the other hand is shown waiting patiently for Toriko 's return and said that he has trust in his partner that he will come back with the Bubble Fruit in hand. He was distracted when he saw a part of the Shokurin Temple dissapeared. Then the arrival of the enemy riding on a bird beast had made the temple and even the mountain dissapear.The enemy then threathened the temple and mountain to show itself which it obeyed in an instant. Then it appers that the enemy was Master Chiyo the legendary partner of Master Chin Chinchin. At the arrival of Komatsu he was worried on what happened and was surprised to see Ootake. Master Chiyo then stated that she will be going to the Gourmet World and is just going to say goodbye.

The scene shift to Master Chin Chinchin which has already realized the prescence of Master Chiyo and knew that the situation on the temple is dire. Meanwhile Toriko is already losing consciousness and to ammend that he activated Autophagy and walked again but still he has not gained the treasure. Then he remembered what the Master said that with appreciation it will appear and with the effects of Autophagy wearing off he remebered and said sorry to Komatsu , Coco, Sunny , Zebra and even Ichiryu. While on the verge of death Toriko never imagined that he would die of starvation. He gave thanks to his body in which he also thanked the ingredients and food which contributed on making it. And after saying thank you he died. It was shown that the gratitude to food when dying is what will make the treasure appear. Toriko 's body was shown surrounded by so many Bubble Fruit coming from the ground while Master Chin Chinchin was seen standing not so far from Toriko .

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