The Four Beasts
Chapter Info
Volume: 22
Gourmet: 194
Japanese Title: 四獣!!
Story Arc: Four Beast Arc
Romanized Title: Shijū!!
Viz Title: Four-Beasts!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: July 9, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 32-2012
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Gourmet 194 is called "The Four Beasts."

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Toriko appears in a silent Gourmet Town. The narrations tells that the Four Beasts are awakening and that they have a likeness towards human flesh. The people migrated over to the central of Human World. The people are panicking, but Mansam assures them that the Four Heavenly Kings will handle them. Then the Four Beasts are shown woken up. Terry with Rin and Komatsu are in gourmet town, with Rin showing the Measuring Tongs capable of calculating the capture levels of beasts over the 100 level. The chapter ends at the Gourmet Towers' top floor.

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