The Four Beasts Invade
Chapter Info
Volume: 22
Gourmet: 196
Japanese Title: 四獣侵攻!!
Story Arc: Four Beast Arc
Romanized Title: Shijū Shinkō!!
Viz Title: Four-Beasts Invasion!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: July 23, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 34-2012
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Gourmet 196 is called “The Four Beast Invade”

Short SummaryEdit

As the Four Beasts enter the Human World, the military throw everything they have at the Gourmet World invaders to no avil. As the all hope seems lost to many regular humans,but the Four Beasts stop their advance as the Four Heavenly Kings intercept them.

Long SummaryEdit

Choosing to not just sit back and watch as the Four Kings went to handle their problems the allied forces fleet admiral Janpin decides to send unleash the full brunt of the human world’s military power upon the beasts declaring that Humans will be the ones to protect the human world. His speech is interrupted when a lower admiral informs him that the four beasts are arriving starting off with Gaoh who is arriving from the east leaving a wake of destruction in his path from baron archipelago to the sandy beach cave and the 8th biotope, it even managed to make it to the 8th biotope where it killed a 1500 meter long regal mammoth in one strike. Before they have time to soak in the information another subordinate reports that the King Octopus Kong is coming in from the west, tearing a swath of chaos from the Wu jungle to the Gourmet Pyramid. Another report follows that the Mountain turtle is coming from the south and it has completely decimated Ice hell on its way.

As if things could not get any worse news comes in that Invaitdeath is swimming down death falls. With this the admiral launches his attack and sends all land, sea and air forces with each solider using a GT robot so they may fight without fear. The army launches there attack upon all the four beats tanks, jets, and missiles they send everything at them, even high powered space satellites. The first to rise out of the smoke of is the Mountain turtle who answers back with a devastating beam of unknown substance possible magma and the follows up with a barrage of smaller but equally as lethal blasts. The next beast seen is the Gaoh who flaunts his power and speed by quickly evading all blast thrown at him and swiftly destroying all tanks in his way with his claws and fangs. King Octopus Kong quickly dispatches of the forces in his way with a violent barrage of tentacle attacks. Invaitdeath can then be seen casually walking away as a tank melts behind him and several explosions are seen in front of him. Janpin lowers his head in despair as he realizes that even the full brunt of Modern weapons is not enough to stop creatures from the gourmet world. Just as all seems lost the beasts stop as each one is approached by one of the Four Kings and there animal partners.




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