Toriko the Bishoku-Ya!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 1
Japanese Title: 美食屋・トリコ!!
Story Arc: Galala Gator Arc
Romanized Title: Bishoku-Ya・Toriko!!
Viz Title: Gourmet Hunter Toriko!!
Total Pages: 57
Year Released: May 19, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 25-2008
Episodes: Episode 2
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Cover page

The cover page of chapter one is introduced with a number of animals, dishes and fruits.


At Hotel Gourmet where a meeting takes place with Uumen from the IGO, Smith, the manager of Hotel Gourmet, and chef Komatsu about the dishes that Uumen wants to be prepared for the Gourmet Assembly. Uumen suggests the Galala Gator meat as the main dish, but it is impossible to obtain and suggests a Gourmet Hunter should handle it. Komatsu suggests Toriko to do it.

Someplace else Toriko is fishing while Komatsu speaks about the service, and Toriko is not aware of his presence. After burning a cigar, Toriko realizes Komatsu is behind him and accepts the job that he take on the Galala Gator. Toriko's bait is bitten by a Pincer Fish, which Toriko pulls from the water. The Pincer Fish is then caught by a Five-Tailed Giant Eagle, but Toriko defeats both of them by slamming them to the ground. Komatsu is amazed by all this. Toriko wants to do the job but, as a payment, wants to eat some of the meat of the Galala Gator and will depart tomorrow.

At a harbor Toriko is shocked to see Komatsu to come along with him. Toriko asks if Komatsu knows where he is going, and Komatsu replies that it is Baron Archipelago. Toriko is impressed and apologizes to Tom, the boat captain, who replies that he is not always reliable. Toriko enters the boat, and Tom notices that Toriko has lost weight by the tumbling of the boat. Toriko calls Komatsu to enter the ship so they can go out.

Midway to the Baron Archipelago, Toriko introduces Komatsu to Tom and that is a client, Tom is laughing that Komatsu is prepared to die and Komatsu wants to write a will. Toriko says to Komatsu that he is a cook, which surprises Komatsu since he has not said anything about being a cook. Toriko explains that he can smell the various scents of ingredients on Komatsu. Tom explains the extraordinary smell of Toriko is the cause of that he can know which ingredients are which by smell. Komatsu talks about his dream to become the world's greatest chef, Toriko says that Komatsu should follow his dream, Komatsu wanted to know what Toriko's dream was, Toriko replied that his dream was to complete his Full Course Menu. Tom signals that they have arrived at the island.

Komatsu states it looks ugly, and were there a lot of bed rocks and seems impossible to go through, Tom knew the way to go through and sped it up foward. Toriko sees Friday Monkeys at the coast which was odd. They arrived at the entry, Tom suggested that they can still go on, but Toriko says it is ok and wants a raft. Tom wonders why, Toriko asnwed that he smelled trouble. While Komatsu and Toriko where on the raft the latter was scared of the environment and remembers the talk with Uumen about the dangerous beasts with capture levels and that the Galala Gator at Baron Archipelago is 300 years old and has a higher capture level then a normal Galala Gator.

Toriko and Komatsu steps on the shores, Toriko talks about the species on the island and that the Galala Gator is the ruler of it all. They encounter a Baron Tiger, Komatsu is shocked by a large beast and readies his shotgun, But before he could shoot, Toriko scared him away. Toriko finds it odd that the Baron Tiger appeared before him and that the Friday Monkeys weren't hiding in caves. Toriko explains that they were driven away by a strong predator, Komatsu knew the predator and gives the information that he received from Uumen to Toriko.

Somewhere else a Galala Gator feasts on some Baron Tigers.

Toriko found the information very usefull and was ready to feast on the meat of the Galala Gator and was wondering if he should add it to his full course menu. Toriko is thinking if he should use his weapons Fork and Knife. Toriko then left with Komatsu to search for gator and that the shotgun Komatsu has, will not work on the animals they will encounter from that moment, which shocks Komatsu.

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