Fork and Knife!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 1
Gourmet: 2
Japanese Title: フォークとナイフ!!
Story Arc: Galala Gator Arc
Romanized Title: Foku to Naifu!!
Viz Title: Fork & Knife!!
Total Pages: 34
Year Released: May 26, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 26-2008
Episodes: Episode 2
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Cover PageEdit

The cover page of this chapter is a color page showing Toriko's muscular body along with his Knife and Fork.

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Long SummaryEdit

Toriko and Komatsu arrive on the Baron Bog and Komatsu is immediately surprised by a Serpent Frog. Capturing it easily, Toriko remminds Komatsu about its liver, which is said to be a delicacy. Komatsu is then surprised again by a giant leech on his hand. Toriko dispatches of it easily with some mangrove leaves and they set camp for the night after marching some distance.

While having a meal, they observe the damage the 300 years old Galala Gator is causing to the environment and the food supply of the island. A Swamp Snake then appears but immediately falls dead, revealing a huge bite taken out of it with some leeches around the wound. The Galala Gator then appears behind them and Toriko realises that it has been using Baron Leeches to locate prey.

The Gator and Toriko then start to fight, with Toriko exclaiming that it has been some time since a beast dared to fight against him. Toriko then decides to not capture it alive and enter Battle Mode. All other beasts except the Galala Gator near Toriko flee in fear. Toriko then easily kills the Galala Gator using Knife and Fork.

The pair then starts enjoying the meat themselves and Komatsu asks Toriko if he can accompain him in another of his trips. Komatsu then realizes too late that they ate all the meat and nothing is left for their client. Toriko then finally announces that the meat is still lacking something to be in his Full Course.

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