Gourmet Research Facility
Chapter Info
Volume: 3
Gourmet: 20
Japanese Title: グルメ研究所!!
Story Arc: Regal Mammoth Arc
Romanized Title: Gurume Kenkyujo!!
Viz Title: Gourmet Research Facility!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: October 6, 2008
WSJ Issue: Issue 45-2008
Episodes: Episode 7
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Komatsu head towards the Gourmet Facility in order to inquire about the Regal Mammoth. Mansam welcomes Toriko and Komatsu to the IGO Biotope

Long SummaryEdit

The chapter begins with Toriko and Komatsu rushing to the 1st Biotope. They ask the guards if chief Mansam is here, to which they reply confirming that he is, and with an empty stomach. 

Johannes tells Komatsu that he can't enter, due to his poor rank of five star chef. Toriko ignores Johannes and takes Komatsu with him anyway. The research facility is shown to be enourmous, and contains a wide variety of Gourmet technology. It is said by Johannes that about thirty percent of food is available here, though they are only there for study.

Toriko tells Komatsu to remove his clothes, indicating that a sterilization process is necessary. A shocked Komatsu gawks at the sterilization of the clothes as Toriko inquires about the marking on the front of Komatsu's underwear. 

Komatsu asks about who the chief is, to which Toriko replies that he is an old wino. He also is known as number three man, whose position is greater than Uumen Umeda .

They then head to a place filled with various different species of creatures. Toriko explains that they are clones of gourmet creatures both extinct and living. He also states that they are used for Gourmet research.

The beast anethesia attacks the hall, causing panic. Chief Mansam suddenly appears, subduing the beast with his Intimidation . He welcomes Toriko and his partner, as Toriko remarks about his wino habits. 

Mansam then explains that a Gourmet Coliseum battle is to be held, and the legendary Battle Wolf would be taking part in it as the Main Event, shocking the Bishokuya.


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