The Four Beast Main Body!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 23
Gourmet: 200
Japanese Title: 四獣の本体!!
Story Arc: Four Beast Arc
Romanized Title: Shijū no Hontai!!
Viz Title: The Four-Beasts' True Form!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: August 27, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 39-2012
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The Four Beast Main Body (四獣の本体!!) is the name of the 200th chapter of Toriko (manga) .

Short SummaryEdit

The Four Heavenly Kings defeated the "Four Beasts", but they discover that they aren't the real Four Beast. While the real Four Beast reside underground in the center of the Human World, it extracts its limbs replenishing its energy. The Four Heavenly Kings go after the extracted beasts. An earthquake occurs in the city, Mansom wonders if he should take care of it, with a mysterious shadow behind him. The Four Beast rises above ground towering over the shocked crowd of people.

Long SummaryEdit

The Dharma Horse is eating a hill, who then looks at the scene where the Mounturtle's shell is being destroyed, due to the Beat Punch of Zebra. Even though the Mounturtle is spewing its magma, Zebra finds it weird that its scream doesn't sound like death throes, like the others beasts he kills and believes that he is still alive. He gets a call from Rin, who reveals that there aren't Four Beasts but only one, which shocks the Four Heavenly Kings.

The narration explains that the Four Beast's main body grows "bulb"-like "seeds" on its limbs. After few hundred years four of those seeds will grow into being "adult beings" and that it will let them out in the Human World to let them eat the humans to their hearts content and extracts them into it, thus absorbing the humans. However the Four Beast has changed strategy, because the last time Ichiryu stopped it from eating large amount of humans and returned bearing serious wounds, and this time it ventured to the center of the Human World itself and have the Four Beasts of its limbs invade from the Gourmet World, gathering the humans in the center so it could eat them all. In the subway a passenger is shocked to see a face on the Four Beast's limb.

The Invaitdeath bears serious injuries, but Coco finds it odd that he can't see the shadow of death on it. The Invaitdeath is sucked into the ground going at fast speeds to the center of the Human World where the Four Beast resides, Coco then calls out for Kiss. While at Sunny 's place, he is shocked that the King Octopus Kong was also sucked in. Zebra used its echolocation to track the Mounturtle and calls out for the Dharma Horse. At Toriko's place, the Gaoh is sucked in, and he calls out for Terry. He gets on the back of Terry and believes when Terry was looking the other, it was towards the center of the Human World and that she realized that something already arrived there. Toriko grabs Komatsu and Rin, while the latter wonders if the rest can track them which Toriko replies that with their abilities that they won't lose them.

The narration explains that the Four Beast called its limbs together, before they would be killed by the Four Heavenly Kings, in order to retrieve their energy. The city receives an earthquake, Mansam looks at the scene, tellings that it was beyond what they expected and wonders if he should take action, while a mysterious person in the shades is standing behind him. The crowd looks above, screaming in shock of the Four Beast's appearance.



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