Serious Battle!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 24
Gourmet: 214
Japanese Title: 真剣勝負!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Shinken shōbu!!
Viz Title: A Serious Match!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: December 10, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 2-2013
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Quick SummaryEdit

The preliminaries of the Cooking Fest begin as Komatsu is left behind by the other chefs. Meanwhile at the Hotel Cooking, some problem child awakens to participate in the event.

Long SummaryEdit




All of the following were mentioned only.

  • Maple Tuna Carpaccio
  • Ryuuguu Clam Soup
  • Creamed Flower Salmon
  • Deep Sea Mammoth Grill
  • Empress Tuna Sashimi
  • Snow Shrimp Potato Salad
  • Sugar Jellyfish Jelly
  • Red Salt Wine
  • Plumb Oil Nattou
  • Oily Sardine Fish Dumpling Soup
  • Low-Fat Clam Sakamushi
  • Oil Cattle Simple Hamburg Steak
  • Oil Chicken Saute
  • Olive Tomato Green Perilla Salad
  • Rice Flour Dumpling Sweet Red-Bean Soup
  • Golden Oil
  • Kappa Fin Sake
  • Human-Faced Mushroom Pickles
  • Kappa Fossil Soup
  • Starfish Orochi Giblets
  • Smoked Oni Troll
  • Satan's Cheek Meat Stew
  • Hell Shop Meal Salad
  • Spotted Sea Cucumber Pudding
  • Tears of the Dores Clan


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