Targeted Chefs!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 25
Gourmet: 223
Japanese Title: 狙われた料理人!!
Story Arc: Cooking Festival Arc
Romanized Title: Nerawareta ryōrijin!!
Viz Title: Targeted Chefs!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: February 25, 2013
WSJ Issue: Issue 13-2013
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Short SummaryEdit

The battle at the Cooking Stadium has taken a turn for the worse as the Gourmet Corp. released the Nitros against the chefs. The chefs begin to give it all they have to win this war. 

Long SummaryEdit

At the Cooking Stadium, the Gourmet Corp. members order the Nitro to go all out, scaring Yuda. The Nitro breaks free from his confinement, unleashing a growl. The Nitro charges towards Yuda and quickly knocks him to the ground. Damala Sky XIII witnessed it and is attacked by the Nitro, and defends himself. The Nitro is distracted enough for Livebearer to attack with his sword, but is unable to cut it. The Nitro retaliates by slashing Livebearer's body in half. Two Saiseiyas come to the rescue by blinding the Nitro and reattaching Livebearer's body back together, saving him from death.

One of the Saiseiya advices Livebearer to retire from the battle. The two Saiseiyas are surprised by the power of the beast. Livebearer, using data that he stole as head of Gourmet Casino, confirms that the beast is a Nitro. They are surprised that a Nitro is being used by the Gourmet Corp.. However, Chiru claims that it was the top of the Saiseyas doing and explains that powerful Scum Beasts have come to the battle that uses Food Honor.

At another place, Zaragira holds Ling Chun and throws him into the mouth of the Cage Beast. Gur also holds off against several chefs and orders the others not to kill them. Chiru pulls of her shōzoku, revealing her face and states the true battle begins. Livebearer and the Seisayas are surprised to see Chiru's face for the first time. They stand ready to fight off against the Scum Beasts.

At another place, Komatsu is surrounded by explosions, but is rescued by his flying pet, Yun. Komatsu thanks Yun and is surprised that it can fly. However, Yun lands on the ground, revealing it can do only for a short while. Komatu is then surprised to see Coco knocked to the ground. Komatsu wonders if Coco is all right, but Coco warns him to get away since, even with Zebra's protective barrier, he is releasing considerable amount of dangerous poison that could harm him. Coco looks up in the sky, noting that he never met a creature like Grinpatch before. In the sky, Grinpatch, with a more grotesque bulky appearance, anxiously demands for more of Coco's delicious poison.





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